Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 8

These entries have been sent via email from Brandon. (Yay!)
This morning I had hall guard from 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM, so I was unable to go to morning PT. I had it with PVT Privately (an old 3rd platoon terminator who is a pretty cool guy). I was happy to get out of PT, but I was all mentally prepared for it. The duty schedule was changed since I last looked at it, so I thought I had it in a couple of days...not this morning. The good thing about this time slot was that we were able to head to breakfast before the rush of people getting done with PT. We had no line and it was easy to find a seat.

Speaking of chow let me tell you that the eating at the DFAC here at Ft. Gordon is much better than the one at Ft. Benning. The quality of food is better and they have a bit more of a variety. They have a salad, soup, and a sandwich bar. My favorite is that they also have a soft serve ice cream machine. They switch out the flavors daily. I want to just open my mouth and let the ice cream flow in, but I limit myself to one cone a day at lunch time.

After lunch we came back and found out that our barracks were closed because there were inspections going on. This sucked because it's freaking hot here in Georgia! It's even more hot when you have on ACUs and have to stay outside where there is no A/C. We had to wait until formation for classes again before we could get out of the sun. By the time we got in class I think everyone could have used a towel just to dry the sweat off that was pouring out of everyone.

Overheard Quote: "I'm sweating like a slave with a secret" (PVT Privately - a black man - stated this as we were marching back to our classroom...I had to agree)

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