Sunday, June 13, 2010

Christmas in June (Basic Training) Day 67

These entries are from the remaining letters that Brandon has mailed to me - the next several days up until Day 62 are letters that didn’t make it to me before I left to Georgia. His writing at times can be a bit difficult to determine his words... bare with me, I do my best, especially with army terms.
Today we slept in until 6:00am, which was nice. I have a major cold so that is a pain in the butt. The extra sleep came in handy. My nose is constantly stuffed up. I can’t run to the local convenience store and pick up cold medicine or even vitamins. To get any of that I would need to go to sick call and that’s not going to happen unless I physically just can’t make it through the day.
After breakfast we did everyone’s favorite hobby here in basic… cleaned machine guns. The LTC (Lieutenant Colonel) had everyone fill out questionnaires on how to improve basic and what it is that is already good. He then had a meeting with the entire company to go over it without any DSs there. PFC Metal and I stayed behind to be weapons guards. That means we have to hang out in the bay and make sure nobody steals our weapons. 
After an hour or two our PG and a few others took the machine guns down to get inspected and turned in. Hopefully they will not come back. I never want to see them again. We then started cleaning our own rifles. We hear all the time that we’ll lose our family day if our stuff isn’t clean. I think it’s just scare tactics to get everyone to clean their stuff really well. All my stuff should be good to go. Everything has either gone through the washer or has been scrubbed really well. My rifle is almost done, just need to do a once over just to make sure.
We got some good news… our machine guns have been accepted and turned in. We will no longer be cleaning those damn things! In other news our last guy in our platoon finally passed his PT test. He had PVT GG running with him to motivate and push him and he squeaked by.
I had CQ duty from 16:00-17:00. 17:00 is chow time, so I had to wait until my relief finished eating to relieve me, which left me as the last person to eat in our company. I thought it would be rush rush process, but there wasn’t even a DS in there. I was able to eat at my normal pace and finish with time to spare. 
After chow we continued to clean our rifles and then something very odd happened… DS A-Hole actually started playing music for us. Then the unthinkable happened, DS A-Hole tried to play a movie for us. I say try because he was never able to get the sound working from his computer to the projector. After about a ½ hour of trying, he finally had us bring out the TV from their DS lounge. It’s only about 30” so we had to crowd around it a bit closer; we were able to watch the movie with only a few minor interruptions because of a dirty DVD. The movie was called “Law Abiding Citizen”. It was a pretty good suspense with some twists thrown in it. Everyone enjoyed it. To top it off, before the movie, they allowed us to split up what was left in the contraband box (aka candy) from earlier in the cycle… leftovers from whatever the DSs didn’t take, it was still pretty cool. The movie took us officially past our lights out by about 40 minutes, so right after the movie everyone jumped in bed and crashed.
Random DS Quote: “You guys look like dick soup” (a DS from another company walked over to our platoon and didn’t realize our PG had put us at rest… so there were a number of guys talking and just hanging out in a loose formation.)


its was fun and a great experience. Bravo 2-47 bulldogs hooah.

Sunday, August 28, 2011 - 03:24 AM

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