Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up (3-Day) - (Korea) Days 285 - 287

Our traditional Chuseok meal that our KATUSA's family made

Saturday: Today was a complete waste of a day. After having CQ shift until 0900 this morning I slept until about 1630. I woke up tired and pretty much felt tired the entire day. I did schoolwork and did some reading. I ended up watching the TV in my barracks while laying in my bed. CNN is one of the few English speaking channels I get, so I watched that and drifted in and out of sleep. It didn't help that I could not turn on our lights. They are both out and I called yesterday to have maintenance come and fix them, but they said it would probably be after the holidays before they can fix them. It's a 3 day weekend because Monday is Chuseok (The Korean Thanksgiving). My roommate and I have just been using our small desk lamps to keep everything lit up, but they don't do much. After the snake incident I'm afraid when maintenance does come, they will end up electrocuting themselves or catching the place on fire. I guess we'll see. I ended up deciding to quit fighting it and just went to sleep around midnight.

Sunday: I woke up around 0715 and felt much more awake. I did laundry and schoolwork to start off my morning. I then headed to work out, but did not have the energy. I had one of those runs where it never feels good from the start, I never got a second wind and ended up slowing down to a fast walk a couple of times during the run. It was a very disappointing workout.

I headed back to my poorly lit room and video chatted with my wife for a while. I didn't leave my room again for the day. I did some SkillPorts and watched more Breaking Bad. I still haven't been able to completely shake the headache that I've had since Thursday. I take Excedrin and the pain goes away for a while, but always comes back. I'm starting to think I may have to see the doctor or something because it doesn't seem to be getting better. At some points I think I've taken too much Excedrin because my stomach starts to get upset, but it's hard to function when my head is pounding so hard. I know I was drinking enough water, so I have been hydrated. After looking online it seems it could be a number of things. I'll see if it goes away after my lights are fixed, maybe it's the strain on my eyes or something.

Monday: Today is Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving. I woke up with the headache still…take some Excedrin and start my day. I video chat with my wife for a while and then planned to get some stuff off post and then at the PX, but everything is closed! Even the PX is closed, the only thing open was the food court. I went there for lunch and watched a little football.

I then headed back to my room and did a SkillPort before heading out with SPC Mick to our KATUSA’s house. He and his family invited me and SPC Mick to their house to eat dinner with them for the Chuseok holiday. We took the subway and met up with our KATUSA near his house. He then led us there and introduced us to his family. They were all extremely nice and the Korean food was excellent. I really enjoyed chatting with our KATUSA and his family. It was really a nice gesture for him to invite us over.

We ended up leaving around 1900 and headed back to our barracks. Once back in my poorly lit room I relaxed and watched another Breaking Bad and did some schoolwork before calling it a night. Back to the grind tomorrow.

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  1. Looking back I see that this is the point I started to realize there is something really wrong with me. It seemed I was always in some sort of pain. I wouldn't always write about it, but it was a constant drag and it really just sucked! Fast foreword to the present and I have been medically retired.