Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boobies Change Things - (Korea) Day 295

Work call this morning was a staggering 0515. We had to setup for a meeting in the top secret conference room. It was a late addition, so we found out right before we left work yesterday. I'm not sure how we ended up with the meeting because it wasn't even for a general that we supported, but such is life in our office. We had to brew coffee for the meeting because it was before the snack shop opened up in our building (we usually get all our coffee from the snack shop). We setup everything and then in a surprise move we were told we could go back to our rooms until 0830.

It was a nice gesture, but once I'm up I have a hard time going right back to sleep, so I just laid down for a while. I then started my normal morning routine with coffee and video chat with my wife before heading into the office.

Once in the office again I was grabbed right away to help setup with a meeting in the secret conference room. Normally everything is setup perfect in advance, but for some reason a whole new seating chart was printed out, so the name tags were out of order and there were new ones that needed to be made. It was a mess, and because of this we had to scramble to try and get everything setup quickly before the meeting actually started.

I then had to stay down and flip slides for the meeting. The only good thing about doing this is that I got out of the "POSH" training which I think stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment. Those required training meetings are so boring, but flipping slides for the United Nations meeting was not too thrilling either…it just kept going on and on and on even after the slides were all through. Once they finally finished we cleaned up and headed back to our office.

I head to lunch in my room and video chat with my wife for a while. She finally had her physical, the first step in getting her paperwork done so I can submit everything and get my orders…woohoo! After lunch I headed back to the office and had to play taxi driver once again, but this time it was for She Captain. She was getting her official DA photo taken. This is the photo that goes on your record and it's in your dress uniform.

What should have taken 10 minutes turned into a big ordeal. I had planned on napping in the car while I was waiting for her, but I look out the window after about 5 minutes and I see her looking at me waving her hands wildly. I'm thinking WTF? So I get out and head over to her, turns out her uniform ribbons were not even with her name tag. You see...on a woman's dress uniform they can't put everything on first like the men can. Their boobies change the shape of the top, so everything has to be pinned on while it's being worn. There wasn't much I could do because I wasn't going to attempt to do this. I didn't want to get anywhere near her boobies. One accidental brush could lead to at least a little embarrassment, and at most some serious sexual harassment trouble!

We tried calling my NCOIC, but she was in a meeting. She Captain was starting to really freak out cussing and getting red in the face. At one point I thought she was going to cry because she was so frustrated. I know she wanted me to help, but luckily I was saved by a guy who worked there. He said even though she would miss her appointment, if she came back before 1600 they could fit her in. So she changed back into her ACUs and we headed back to the office where my NCOIC was able to take her in the bathroom and get her all fixed.

So I drove her back and she was able to get her picture taken. Because she is up for promotion soon, everything has to be perfect and I know this is why she was under so much pressure to get it all done. So this whole event pretty much took the rest of my afternoon. Luckily SPC Mick was able to take PV2 Charlie to finish in-processing. By the time I got back I had time to check my email and then we started cleaning up the office. We headed out at about 1630. Normally I would have worked out, but just like yesterday, I am still feeling pretty sick. I'm taking lots of vitamin c, drinking lots of fluids, and eating cough drops…and trying to rest.

When I got back to my room the lights still did not work. My roommate said he though they were supposed to come today, but there had been no sign of the maintenance guys. I gave them a call and calmly explained to them that I've been living in the dark for almost two weeks now. I then asked if they could please come fix it soon. The guy assured me they will be here tomorrow to fix the lights. I may not feel like I'm living in a cave anymore…we'll see.

I ate dinner and watched a couple TV shows (CSI: NY & Breaking Bad). I then started working on the required Windows 7 SkillPorts that I have to take before my certification class. Unlike all the other SkillPorts I do, I'm actually going through all the content with these. I want to try and get familiar with everything before the class. The downside is that it's going to take a lot longer to get through them. So just to keep up my points, I did a couple other SkillPorts when I finished the first Windows 7 section. I still want to max it out and I should be able to by next week or the week after.

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