Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Room Inspection - (Korea) Day 289

I had to wake up at 0430 for the room inspection at 0500. I was in ACUs because I had to go to work, but everyone else was in summer PTs so they could go work out after the inspection. We waited outside our rooms for an NCO to come check the rooms. Our NCOIC was here as well to make sure there were no issues. If one of the soldiers has a really messed up room it falls on their NCO. We waited and waited…it felt like AIT all over again in the RBK barracks. Finally our room was the last one to be inspected on our floor. The NCO walked in and tried to turn on the light…LOL. I told him that maintenance said it might get fixed after the holiday. Probably best that it was dim because my roommate's side was still pretty bad. Even without lights the NCO told him that his side was the worst in the barracks…LOL. After that he left and it was over.

I then got ready for work and headed in for a 0730 work call. SPC Mick was not going to be in today because he had CQ yesterday. We had to setup for the normal Wednesday morning meeting in the secret conference room. It hasn't been too regular lately, so I was a little rusty getting everything ready on the laptops. It's a good thing I started with plenty of time to spare so I could make sure everything was "just right". I ran the meeting and then cleaned up. After the meeting we setup for a KUB and then took off for lunch.

I headed to my room for a quick lunch, but I had to make sure I was back before the KUB actually started because our new captain in the office wasn't sure if they needed someone to flip slides or not. I gotta give this new captain a name…. She Captain. (She is the only female SACO officer in our office). After waiting with She Captain for a while we found out that she didn't need me…all that rushing for nothing.

I headed to my office and had about 5 minutes at my desk before my NCOIC decided to give me a huge task. She wanted me to take all the inventory that she is now signed for and mark exactly where it is located. This is all the inventory that it took her and our old sergeant days to find. Not sure why they didn't mark it down at the time. So I spent the rest of the day trying to find items and then marking down where they were exactly. I wasn't able to finish before she said we could take off for the day and do PT. I'll have to resume tomorrow.

We cleaned up the office and left around 1615. I headed to my room, changed and headed to The Point to workout. I had a great workout and headed back to my room where I ate dinner and then watched a CSI: New York. (I'm still behind on that series). I then did a SkillPort and then schoolwork before calling it a night.

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