Friday, September 2, 2011

Frustration - (Korea) Day 277

Work call was at 0830. We setup for a meeting in the top secret conference room. We had one other meeting scheduled for the day, but it was cancelled. I went to my office and did the usual for a bit, check my email and start a SkillPort. I then gathered up my Levy paperwork and headed off to the company. I had a couple of questions on how to fill out one of the forms. I was about 10 steps from the company when I got a call. There was an emergency…our new captain didn't know how to make a distribution group in Outlook. OMG! I had to head straight back to the office and help her out.

Once that was done, I headed back to the company, which in turn sent me to our battalion S1 shop. It's frustrating because I first asked my NCOIC who then sent me to the company, who is now sending me to the S1 shop. It just seems as though nobody knows anything here. S1 was able to help me out…that is after I had to fill out the form over again. I had filled it out in blue ink, which is a "no go" I guess. A sergeant saw it and said "I hate to be an asshole, but that has to be filled out in black ink…we're not the air force!". I was already just a little frustrated, this didn't help…but I did it and then talked to a girl about the form. She filled out part of it and stamped it. I can now send the form for my wife's doctor to finish filling out.

I had a question about shipping my car to Germany, but I guess the person who deals with that was out of the office…so I have to come back after lunch. Speaking of lunch, when I got back to our office we got a call from our NCOIC asking where everyone was. We were all supposed to be a The Navy Club, but the only problem was that nobody told us. We all headed up there and had a little goodbye lunch/ceremony for our IMO in admin. She is leaving and received a PCS award as well as a big plaque. She is a good person and will be missed.

We then headed to our conference room for another ceremony. This ceremony was to hand out the Certificate of Achievements for our participation in the exercise. My NCOIC said she was going to try and get me and Special K Army Achievement Medals, because we did a lot of extra work…I guess that didn't work out. They used this opportunity to also recognize everyone who had birthdays. There were five of us and we all received cards. They also bought an ice cream cake which was a nice touch!

After the little party, I headed back to our S1 shop. I had them add my Certificate of Achievement to my ERB and also asked about my car being shipped to Germany. I was basically told that because I don't have one here in Korea and because I don't have one in storage, I can't have it moved right away. I will have to arrive in Germany and then put in the paperwork there. Sometimes I think the army can be pretty retarded. By this time I was totally fed up with all the paperwork and just the army in general. I headed back to my office and finished up the SkillPort I started.

We then headed down to clean up the office and found out the general scheduled a meeting on Monday. Monday is a holiday and everyone has it off. In fact it's actually a 4 day weekend because of this holiday. Why would someone schedule a meeting on a holiday. What is the purpose of a holiday if we have to work on it? I had already scheduled a trip with PFC Pickle on Monday and because of this I didn't have to come in, but everyone else does. They were all promised a compensation day off later on, but that is hard to believe…I've been promised that a lot for the times I've had to come in. I haven't seen any compensation yet. I don't trust half the things I hear from people in the army. I felt guilty for a second about not having to come in, but then I quickly pushed that guilt aside. I was already frustrated and this just pushed that frustration over the top. I headed to my room and changed, then went to The Point and took out my frustration on the weights.

I then did schoolwork and watched a TV show before going to bed. I'm going to enjoy my 4 day weekend now…all 4 days of it!

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