Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moving Chuck - (Korea) Day 297

Work call this morning was finally our normal time at 0830. I started the day doing a couple SkillPorts and then our NCOIC had a meeting with everyone. It was basically a group counseling session. Since we have new people in the office she wanted to get everyone together and go over some items. We discussed responsibilities for the various side tasks we do besides setting up and cleaning up meetings. We also went over everyone's status and if they had any questions. She wanted to start hearing from me daily on the status of my levy brief (the packet I need to turn in to get my orders). She also went over some basics like military bearing. Here in Korea and especially working where we work, it's easy to lose your military bearing. Stuff like just calling people by their last name and not standing at parade rest are a few. She would like us to start working on it. This means the new guys (since they are PV2) should be standing at parade rest when they talk to me…that is anytime it's not just us in the control room or something. Of course it goes the same for anyone talking to another person that is a higher rank.

We then headed out for lunch and I went to my room and video chatted with my wife. Shortly after coming back we attended a retirement ceremony for our admin master sergeant. She had been in the army for 29 years! The retirement ceremony was for both her and a colonel. The 8th army band and the honor guard all did their thing out on the field, then we heard a few speeches.

Once the ceremony was over I took PV2 Charlie to the housing office to see if he could get moved into our barracks. Luckily we got there when we did because there were only a few spots left and a number of people came in behind us. He was able to get our old supply KATUSA’s room which is just down the hall from me. He's all excited to have his own bathroom and refrigerator + microwave. We drove to his old room and loaded everything in the office car, then moved him into his new room. After that we headed to the cell phone store to get a free upgraded cell phone for our NCOIC.

Once back in the office we shut down our conference room and cleaned up the office. We left at 1700. I headed to my room and had dinner. Watched a couple shows (CSI: NY & CSI: Miami). I finally finished downloading the damaged episode of Breaking Bad, so I'll be able to start back up on that great series tomorrow. All the new seasons are starting, I'm all excited to start watching those as well. I'll be busy this weekend obtaining them all. I worked on a Windows 7 SkillPort and then did a normal one as well before calling it a night.

Status for leaving Korea: My wife is going to call Ft. Lewis tomorrow and see if she can get an ETA on the paperwork she needs. This will at least let us know about how long it's going to take them and it will let me inform my NCOIC on the status.

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