Friday, September 23, 2011

Taxi Driver - (Korea) Day 298

Work call this morning was 0830. Even though we "started" doing PT with the company every Friday 3 weeks ago, we have yet to do one. This morning our NCOIC had a dentist appointment that she had to go to and didn't want us to go the first time without her.

When I start work I find out I have my pinpoint orders. I received an email via AKO and found out I'll be going to USAG Baden-W├╝rttemberg which is in Heidelberg, Germany. This is about an hour south of Frankfurt, so still not too far away from where the generic orders stated. I don't know anything else yet about the place or my unit. I tried doing a search, but didn't come up with any results. My NCOIC is going to try and help me out next week.

I work on SkillPorts for a while before we setup for a meeting in the secret conference room. Since we have some new guys (my replacement and our KATUSA’s replacement - new KATUSA) we had them do most of the setup so they can get some practice. We'll probably have them keep doing this until they get comfortable and confident doing it on their own. They will also need to get a lot faster, our KATUSA and I had to end up helping them finish up before the meeting started. I then showed them the all important process of holding open the door for the general and then calling "stand-by".

After all that I headed up and worked on more SkillPorts before heading to lunch. Our KATUSA wanted me and our replacements all to have lunch together so we headed to the food court and had some Subway. I think the new guys will both be just fine once they get the hang of things.

Once back at work I acted as the office taxi driver. I drove our NCOIC, our KATUSA, SPC Mick, and Special K all to MedPros so we could all get the required flu shot. We have to get it even if we don't believe in it. MedPros also takes the opportunity to look up and give you any other shots you need anytime you visit them, so everyone else needed to get multiple shots…lol. Once we were done with that I dropped everyone off at the office and picked up the new guys. We dropped the KATUSAs off at 1RC for a badge and I took PV2 Charlie to turn in his old room key to housing.

Once back at the office I watched some TV in our control room before Special K came up and had me quiz him in preparation for the board. He will be going to the board to try and get promoted to sergeant soon. I started asking him questions from the flash cards obtained from This is pretty much where they get all the questions for the board from.

We then cleaned up and had our weekend safety briefing. I headed to the room and ate dinner. Watched a couple shows (Breaking Bad & CSI: NY) and also worked on a Windows 7 SkillPort before calling it a night.

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