Monday, September 26, 2011

Hail, Farewell, Happy B-Day - (Korea) Day 301

Our colonel on the left presenting a plaque to our departing air force major.

Work call this morning was at 0730. We setup for a meeting and had the new guys do pretty much the entire setup while supervising. It's a pretty easy thing, they just have to do it a few times to get used to it. I then went to my office and checked my current promotion point status since it's the start of the week:

Military Education - 260 Maximum Points

Correspondence Course (Hours 1287) (Points 257)

OMG I'm only 3 points away from maxing it out! I thought after this last push I would have hit the limit. In fact I probably have hit the limit because it takes a couple days for the hours to update from SkillPort. Anyway I'm going to stop doing the normal SkillPorts and just focus on actually working through the Windows 7 SkillPorts. They will easily give me enough hours to max out the military education portion of my promotion points.

I then did some IMO work for the office. I pushed through some paperwork for the new KATUSA to get network access. Our NCOIC got a new CAC card since she was promoted, but that brings with it new certificates. This means she will not be able to open old emails that were digitally signed. I had to do a little research to find out how to download her old certificates as well, which I was able to do and make her happy…always a good thing to keep the boss happy.

Then all of a sudden SPC Mick is complaining that his computer will not start. I tell PV2 Charlie to go hold the power button down and make sure it's turned completely off. When I get over there I find that PV2 Charlie had completely broke the power button on the docking station somehow. Oh dear! Luckily we had another station in my office and we switched them out, then I was able to get his computer up and running.

By this time it was nearing lunch and we had to go to the food court and pick up an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. We then headed to the R&R Bar and Grill for lunch. Lunch was actually a "Hail & Farewell" for all the new folks and the air force major who is leaving. We then also celebrated everyone's birthdays for the month of September and ate the ice cream cake. I couldn't let any go to waste, so I had 3 servings…good stuff! After we were done eating Special K starts to tell me about the time he worked security at a hotel. He said there were a lot of old people there and they paid rent on a monthly basis. He said they would be up at all hours of the night because they didn't seem to sleep much, so he would always chat with them from time to time. One night he walks down the hall and smells something pretty bad. He ends up finding out who's room it is and none of the old folks had seen this guy for a while. So Special K goes in the room and finds the guy flat out dead on the floor. He said the smell was pretty bad and started describing all the fluids and stuff that was coming out of his mouth. I was like whoa Special K…we just got done eating! Pretty gross stuff!

Back at the office we cleaned up from the earlier meeting and then I worked on our Major's PC for a while, but it can be difficult to do much because we can't download anything from the internet. He can't burn CDs and even though I think I could fix it, if I could download the latest drivers from the vendors website, I have to put in a help desk ticket and wait for them to do the job.

I then helped Special K study for the promotion board until it was time to go. Our NCOIC is going to try and get PV2 Charlie separate rations. I told her good luck, I remember all the crap that I had to go through to get that and how it took 6 months! I did give her copies of everything that I turned in with my packet, so she would know everything that was needed. Maybe he'll have better luck.

I left around 1630 and headed to my room to change, then headed to The Point and worked out. Once finished I headed back to my room and watched some of my recently obtained TV shows….Flashpoint & NCIS. Excited that the new seasons have started finally!!

As far as my status for leaving Korea goes...I don’t have any news yet. Since it’s still the weekend back in the states nothing has been done yet. My wife will be calling tomorrow and hopefully someone will answer and then we can get some answers. My freakout level has reached 7 on a scale of 10 being the highest.

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