Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let There Be Light - (Korea) Day 296

The maintenance guys in my room fixing the lights...I know...there hasn't been a lot
to take pictures of lately.

Work call was at 0730 this morning. We arrived early to turn on the system and get our conference room ready for a meeting that was scheduled for 0800, but nobody ever showed up. Kind of sucks that we had to come in early for nothing. I ended up doing a couple SkillPorts and some required suicide prevention training. We then had to setup for our normal Wednesday meeting in the secret conference room. I showed PV2 Charlie how everything is setup and how to run the meeting. When it was finished we cleaned up and headed back to the office.

In the office I moved She Captain's profile from one computer to another as she wanted to move desks and work on the newly imaged computer I setup last week. She was a little surprised how fast the process was. Now she thinks I'm pretty awesome…lol.

We setup for another meeting and then headed out for lunch. I stayed in my room after lunch because maintenance said they would be at my room by 1330 to fix my lights. They were on time and came in the room. The next part was pretty funny…the guy looked at the lights, looked at the light switch, turned it off and on again, looked at the lights and then looked at the light switch, and again turned them on and off again. He did this whole process 4 times before saying he'd be right back. He came back with 4 long florescent lights to replace the bad ones on our room. Once the new ones were in, everything worked fine and there was a lot of light…light everywhere! I forgot how bright it used to get in here…lol.

I headed back to work and as I headed to our conference room, I ended up having to flip slides for a while before our KATUSA came in. His replacement arrived today and he has been training him for the job as well. I had him take over for me so I could give She Captain and PV2 Charlie a ride to 1RC, so they could get some required shots. When we got back we had a little ceremony for the outgoing supply KATUSA. A great guy who I thought was going to break down and cry when giving a short but sweet speech. He then shook our colonel's hand and then gave him a hug which I think shocked the colonel a bit. The supply KATUSA then went around the room giving everyone hugs. He'll be missed.

I then took off with PV2 Charlie to run some errands which included getting this months birthday cards for everyone. He has now been given the duty to pick out the cards and get them all signed before a party we're going to have on Monday. When we got back I updated the events calendar and then we took off a little after 1700. I headed back to my well lit room and ate dinner while trying to watch a Breaking Bad. Unfortunately this particular episode was not a good copy, it only had a few minutes worth…so I started obtaining a new copy fast! Instead I watched a CSI: NY & a CSI: Miami. I'm a few seasons behind on those, but all the new seasons are starting this week so I'm excited to start downloading them and watching them all. I then finished the first Windows 7 SkillPort as well as a regular SkillPort.

As far as my status for leaving Korea…my wife has finished her physical and we're still waiting on the army facility at Fort Lewis to process her overseas screening paperwork. I need this before I can turn in my packet to receive my orders. Once I receive my orders I'll be able to schedule travel and plan for the move to Germany.

the wife

When did you take this picture? I was chatting / watching you the whole the time they were installing the lights.  Lol! You're pretty sneaky. ;)

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Sneaky Sneaky :)

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