Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 122

The weekends are always so nice, but they always end so quickly. I slept in until 9:00 or a little after both days...nice! Saturday was laundry day for me, then PFC Metal and his wife picked me up to watch Jackass 3D. Not sure why they made the movie in 3D, it didn’t really add anything to the experience. I’m thinking it is just a way to make more money from everyone. The movie was what I expected...stupid funny pranks and some very gross stuff added in. All in all it was a nice escape from the base.

After the movie me and the young Hawaiian went to the PX. I was starving by this time because I hadn’t eaten anything except some very expensive movie theatre popcorn all day. So we split a pizza and then I picked up some of the basics I need (deodorant, body wash etc.) I also picked up some gels for my boots so I would have a pair for each of my boots. My old gels were getting pretty worn.

We ended the night by watching UFC 120 in the day room. It was free on Spike TV which turned out nice. The day room has a nice LCD TV and it gets Spike in HD so the picture was awesome. 

Sunday was pretty laid back, I didn’t do much of anything all day. I tried to log into some required training I’m supposed to do before I head over to Korea, but I couldn’t get logged in. The highlight of the day was when the young Hawaiin and I ordered Chinese food delivery for lunch. That was some good stuff! Other than that we just had recall formation. I had to shave my full on beard that I’ve been growing since Friday and we had to wear our winter PT uniform to it. The winter PT uniform is very nice in the morning when it’s cold, but in the evening when the sun has been out all day long it is pretty warm.

Overheard Quote: "I think they put something in the water...I didn't have a boner the entire time I was in basic" (The young Hawaiian talking to me about the days in basic. He went to Fort Benning as well and was in 3rd Platoon - Terminators)

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