Friday, October 8, 2010

TIMS (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 113

This morning we had another episode of weapons PT. This time it was pretty much just your normal muscle failure day with sit-ups and push-ups...only we had on our IBAs (body armor). There was also some “Y squats” thrown in while holding our rifles above our heads for good measure.

Last night I heard some sad news. My buddy the old Hawaiian was told his security clearance didn’t go through, so they are going to re-class him into something that doesn’t need a security clearance. I can’t believe they would have him go through all these classes and almost completely make it through the entire 25B AIT course only to say that he has to be re-classed. This means he will most likely go to another base and he will be in training for even longer now. He said it was because of a credit issue that they were aware of before he even left for basic training. What a bummer! Now he doesn’t even want to be in the army at all. He’s going to see if there is any way he can get discharged now.

When we arrived to the schoolhouse after getting off the bus from RBK I was surprised to find out that we can no longer take a nap while waiting for the rest of the companies to arrive. That’s horse crap! I was so looking forward to taking my morning Instead we have to stand in a formation and wait. This is all because some MOS-T soldiers were jealous and complained to the sergeant major. Oh goes on.

Started a new class called TIMS today. Not sure what it stands for, but what I am sure is that our teacher is probably one of the worst we’ve had so far. She is a staff sergeant and quickly rushed through the slides then quickly walked us through the steps to setup our systems. After that we had to set them up again on our own and she would act like we were stupid if we had any questions. Later on we did some exercises where we would answer questions based on the user manuals located on the computer. We ended up doing this the rest of the day. When it was time to go over the answers she chose a person to stand at the front of the class and read the questions off and then have people give the answers. It seemed like the whole time class was going on our instructor was either not there, or was playing around on her computer. Great....another class where I’m going to have to learn everything on my own.

There was a small highlight during class time though. PFC Metal was able to “obtain” the guy’s beret next to him. He then sewed the top of it together into a little ball. Not satisfied with that, he also grabbed the guy’s camelbak and sewed the straps together. It was pretty funny. Don’t ask me why PFC Metal has a sewing kit on him at all times.

When we got back to RBK Sergeant Kent was in a very pissy mood. I guess he went through the barracks and found all sorts of stuff wrong. We were basically on lock-down all night cleaning up everything. Every single person in our room had something wrong with their stuff. Like I tell the guys, if he wants to find something wrong he will. Take my bed for instance, it passed last time just fine. I don’t sleep in it, so nothing at all has changed. This time however it was marked as incorrect. It was like that with pretty much everyone’s stuff. So we all corrected our "incorrect" items and had leadership check it off. We then were told Sergeant Kent will be coming in tomorrow at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning to check everything himself.

Around midnight last night there was a lot of commotion, so much so that it woke me up even with my beanie pulled over my eyes and my white noise playing in my ears. PVT StrangeLove was told last night by student leadership he could head over to midnight chow and eat. He went with a couple of battle buddies, but when he came back Sergeant Clark freaked out on them. I guess there was an actual formation that headed over and they were not part of it and they also crossed Barton Field after dark which is a no no. So Sergeant Clark said they are all kicked out of RBK and to pack their stuff up now. So PVT StrangeLove had to move out right in the middle of the night back over to Charlie. He didn’t like RBK anyway so I’m sure he didn’t really care, he was just worried that his 4-day pass was going to be taken away. I don’t think that will happen though. 

A long disappointing day is down and a little over a month left of school. I’m counting down the days.

Matt W.
Hey thanks for the blog. I work 13 hour night shifts and it can get pretty slow, but reading your blogs from the beginning have been entertaining. I'd forgotten some of the funny crap that went on in IET and so you've kept me laughing. Keep it coming!

BTW, I don't know why you wouldn't want to live in Alaska, I love it. ;)
Saturday, October 9, 2010 - 09:53 AM


Thanks for reading!

I've never been to Alaska, so I'm just going off of what I imagine it would be like. I know it's probably beautiful, but I just imagine it will be cold all the time and dark for half of the year. I know I could be totally wrong though.

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