Thursday, October 14, 2010

POR (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 120

I had hall guard last night from 2:30 to 3:30. This shift wasn’t bad, it was the fact that I just couldn’t get back to sleep after the shift, so I just laid in bed awake until 4:30 when it was time to get up. I used to never have a problem sleeping before, but since AIT I’ve had issues now and then. It sucks because getting enough sleep each night is vital. I need to be able to stay awake and pay attention in class during the day and if I don’t sleep well the night before it makes paying attention difficult.

As mentioned yesterday I did not have PT this morning. In the morning formation they read off a list of people who need to attend the POR - (Preparation for Overseas Replacement). This was the first official announcement that we had to attend this meeting. We marched over to the Charlie DFAC and ate breakfast, then waited at Charlie company to march to the POR. The sergeant on desk ended up telling everyone just to battle buddy over to the POR because she just had surgery and couldn’t march us...fine with me.

We arrived at the POR and it lasted half of the day. There was a lot of information dealt out. It turned out to be really bad news for me though and everyone else that has dependents and is heading to Korea. You can take your dependents to Korea with a command sponsorship, but it’s full right now. Yes...Korea is full. They can still send soldiers over there, but there is no more room for dependents. Why they send married soldiers instead of single soldiers I don’t know. Why they don’t build more housing for dependents I don’t know. All I do know is that I’m pretty pissed off and depressed. Yes I knew before joining that there was a good chance I would be away from my family for a period of time. I just thought I would have some time with my family before getting shipped out. I’ve been through basic and AIT separated from my family, now I find out I’ll get two weeks after AIT to spend with my family and then I’ll be away for 12 months. This really sucks! Today was probably the most depressing day I’ve had since joining the army.

I arrived back in class after lunch and we reviewed for the upcoming test tomorrow by doing an exercise that basically had us do all the steps we’ve learned previously. I don’t think the test will be too difficult, I just hope nobody asks me what I learned in this TIMS class.

Our normal group left for the RFAC for dinner once again. The food there is so much better than the Charlie DFAC. I also had a berry pie with ice cream all over it (eating a lot out of depression I guess). We then headed over to the library to wait for the RBK formation to arrive. 

I then talked to my wife for a while about everything that’s going on and our future. Nobody is very happy tonight.

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