Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MP MP Don’t Arrest Me (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 119

Heard last night that a Charlie company platoon sergeant was picked up by the MPs. The rumors are flying about why...the biggest one is that he was playing with private’s parts. I guess there are rumors flying that he got involved with a private in the company. These are all just rumors though...I don’t think anyone will find out for sure why he was picked up.

Headed back to class with our horrible teacher. This lady is perhaps the worst I’ve seen here. She goes through the slide shows super fast, so we don’t have time to take notes unless we are a speed writer. If we ask questions she acts like we’re idiots. She doesn’t explain anything. The only thing we’ve learned is the step by step process to get everything setup and how to run a couple of reports. What are the reports? I have no idea. What and why does each step accomplish? I have no idea. Will we be able to pass the test? From what I’ve heard it is basically following the steps, so I think we will pass. Have we learned anything from this class? No!

I have so many questions about my assignment in Korea. It has basically taken over most of my free thoughts for the day. Thinking about the logistics of getting all our stuff moved there and what will my wife have to do before she can move. There are so many questions.

PFC Metal, the young Hawaiian and I all walked over to the RFAC for dinner and then hung out at the library until the normal formation arrived at RBK. The library has an issue of Army Times I usually pick up and read, which passes the time nicely. It has all kinds of interesting articles. Perhaps it’s because I’ve worked at a newspaper for my entire professional career, but I do enjoy sitting down and reading the news.

We had asked our platoon sergeant earlier today if we were going to have a POR briefing soon. This is the briefing all overseas soldiers get to let them know everything they need to do and answer any questions before shipping out. In true signal brigade style the sergeant said he would get back to us and never did. At the end of the night we heard from another soldier here at RBK that we did have one coming up and it was tomorrow morning, so we will need to get up and get ready in ACUs because we will not be doing PT. There was no notice or anything put out, I just happened to ask a guy if he had heard anything yet. If I hadn’t done this, I would have found out tomorrow morning and been in a rush to head back up to the barracks and change back into ACUs. This place has a serious communication problem.

In other news my feet are a total mess. They are definitely sore from my boots, but I also have some sort of rash going on. I’ve been putting lotion on them which has helped with everything except the rash. I purchased some athlete's foot cream and started putting that on my feet. I’m not sure if they are getting better or not yet. I’ll give it a few days and then I may have to go in and have a doctor look at them. I’m sure it’s because I wear these boots all freakin’ day and I can just feel my feet getting hot all day long. It’s such a relief to take them off each night.

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