Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Way of the Shamori Warrior (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 127

No PT today....I know...this week I have a total of one day of PT! Today was a little different than any other day I missed PT. There are a number of people called “shammers” who always skip out on PT or work name it. Today me and the young Hawaiian decided to sham out of PT. We dressed in ACUs instead of the PT uniform and left with all the other shammers and the few folks that actually had appointments. We went to the Charlie DFAC and ate breakfast, then went to the Charlie barracks and took a nap in the day room until it was time for school. I’ve never done this before, but it kind of worked out for both of us today. I had a headache and the young Hawaiian had a hurt shoulder. Sergeant Kent took two hours from us last night, we just took it back this morning. I’ll call us even now.

I now have to tell you a little more about M3. It’s more than just a class, it’s a state of mind. Everyone in M3 is pretty pumped up because it’s the last class. There is a lot of hooping and hollering all the time. Everyone else all of a sudden is looked down upon and called A+ (the very first class taken at AIT) no matter what class they are in. “If you’re not M3, then you’re A+” is heard all the time. M3 heads up all the formations and the class is also issued weapons, so we always march in front in a tactical formation. In the mornings M3 forms up in front of the doors and then watches as the rest of the school files by into class. In the past there was a lot of heckling that went on, but that has largely been stopped. 

There is so much excitement and yelling a lot of the time that the sergeants end up smoking all of M3 because they are too noisy. PFC Metal and I found out really quick that we’ll just stay in the normal formation instead of M3 to stay away from all the craziness. So now we don’t do any M3 formations.

After class we had our normal safety briefing, only this time it was much quicker than normal. There was a side note to be careful if traveling in downtown Augusta because there is a lot of gangs and it can be a dangerous place especially for soldiers traveling alone.

We left after the safety briefing for our usual RFAC trip. When we got to the barracks we found out that they issued our class weapons in the RBK formation before coming over. So there are some of us that will not have weapons this week. Oh darn! (sarcasm) I had enough of lugging that rifle around in basic. We don’t use it, we just carry it everywhere we go and it just gets in the way. I hear we’ll just get issued one next week...we’ll see. 

The entire RBK barracks did a mass cleaning of the common areas in RBK because Sergeant Kent said he’ll be by to inspect them later. Who knows if he actually will or not, but since everyone was helping it didn’t take too long to get everything the weekend begins!!!

 PFC Metal introduced me to this music video by one of his favorite bands...Five Finger Death Punch
It's a new take on an old song and they to a pretty good job covering it. They are also big supporters
of our troops and this video is of them in Iraq with the troops.

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