Friday, October 15, 2010

Test Out (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 121

This morning’s PT was muscle failure day. We didn’t have our usual motivated Sergeant Kent out on the field with us, but I still had a good workout...lots of push-ups and sit-ups. We had a new sergeant leading PT and at the end he had us try a new type of sit-up which turned out to be pretty interesting. Each squad of soldiers all interlocked our arms and then did a sit-up to his count. There was nobody holding our feet so it was pretty tough. 

We arrived at school today and saw an instructor in their Alass A uniform...then another...then another. We were then told that the sergeant major told all instructors to wear their Class A uniforms (dress uniform) today. I guess there was going to be an inspection for I guess no matter how high you get in the army, you still have to deal with the same old crap. They all looked pretty sharp. There was a combination of the greens and the new blues all over the place. 

We tested out of TIMS today. The test was basically going through the steps like we have been practicing all week. There was also a written portion and we were allowed to use the help files on the computer as well as the manuals, so I should have scored 100%...but I didn’t. Like most of the class I scored a 99% on the test. There was one written question that I missed.

There was a little commotion earlier in our sister class. I guess there was a girl that was supposed to be on bed rest, but came to class anyway so she could take the test. They told her she was not allowed to break bed rest and that she wouldn’t be able to take the test. She was also told because of this she will be recycled and have to take the class over. Since the next class is in delta she will also have to move to delta company. She was not too happy and was seen crying down the hall. I don’t mind too much though, she was a loud obnoxious bitch and an attention whore. I won’t miss her in our formations.

After the test we headed to lunch and then came back to class. We had nothing to do so a lot of us took a nap. I woke up  to take a break with the rest of the class. What I didn’t notice is that PFC Metal had taken my phase badge off and replaced it with an ACE card. (This is a suicide prevention card the army issues everyone in basic). Thankfully he didn’t let me walk down the hall too far with it before giving me my badge back, I didn’t even notice. I’m sure a sergeant would have before too long though and I would have been asked where my phase badge was...that would have been bad news.

After the break we cleaned the heck out of the classroom since it will be our last time in it. We buffed the floors and scrubbed everything. We also had to do our normal cleaning duties as well, so I had to clean the bathroom...lucky me.

We then had our safety briefing for the week. This one was pretty short with the usual...don’t do drugs, don’t drink if you’re under age, drink lots of water, and be careful. We were also told that there was an Oktoberfest going on at the end of Barton Field with a number of carnival type rides and such...what they didn’t say is if we were allowed to drink there or not.

The sergeant who was taken away by the MPs was back. I’m not sure what he was taken away for, but I imagine that it wasn’t what the rumor mill was saying about messing around with a private. I can’t imagine them letting him come back to his same job if that were the case.

Had the normal evening plan with dinner at the RFAC, but this time since we were there early and the formation was coming early (early release on Fridays now). We ended up just staying in the RFAC the entire time. We sat near the TV and just shot the poop the entire time. We also ran into some fellow gladiators from basic that we haven’t seen in a while.

The end of my night consisted of communicating to my ex-wife that she doesn’t need to bring my current wife into the middle of this whole situation. Nobody is happy that I’ll be gone for 12 months longer. Of course I want to see my kids, but there is not a lot I can do about it right now. I’m hoping maybe there will be some way perhaps my wife can still come and live off post in Korea, then there would be a chance that we could have the kids come and visit if we can afford the tickets. I think it would be a great experience for them to see another country. I just hate dealing with my ex and her drama, but I won’t go into details here...

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