Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ROK (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 118

No PT this morning, I was lucky enough to be a battle buddy for the young hawaiian. He had a dentist appointment that he made conveniently enough first thing in the morning. It’s nice because we miss a run day after a long 4-day weekend and also since it’s early we will not miss much class.

After we were finished with his dentist appointment we made our way to the school house and checked in. When we arrived I found out that we didn’t miss much. The instructor started class about a half hour late and then just gave everyone an exercise to do when she did finally start class. I jumped in and started on it right away and was able to catch up with the rest of the class pretty quick.

There were a few more people in class today who found out where they were assigned, so at lunch time I checked my account and sure enough mine was finally posted. I (like a number of others who found out today) will be heading to ROK...The Republic of Korea....a.k.a South Korea. I’m a little shocked, I can’t believe I’ll be heading over there so soon. It states that my reporting date is December 17th. There were a couple of people that actually got Kuwait, so I guess I’ll be a little better off than them. From what I’ve heard Korea is actually a pretty cool place, so I’m looking forward to this new adventure. I have a lot of questions, but no answers right now. My head is still spinning from the news. 

It’s Tuesday so we had another round of mandatory training after classes today. It was still being done by the same group that has done the last few weeks. We learned to think positive and visualize success. I was glad when it was over. I’m sure it was great stuff, but I just can’t concentrate after an entire day of class. My motivation to learn by this point in the day is down to nothing and I just want to take off my uniform, shower and relax. I think they may get better results if they had this mandatory training during the day, perhaps cut the school day off early or something. Oh goes on.

My boots for some reason decided to get a little rip inside of them that is driving the back of my ankle crazy. I switched to my backup boots, but I didn’t move the gels that I had at the bottom of them. By the end of the day my feet were killing me. First thing I did when I got back was move those gels to the backup boots....STAT!!!

We found out after we arrived back after our long day that we had a mandatory formation in front of RBK at 20:30 with Sergeant Kent. It’s never good when he’s here at night. This was no exception. I guess there were two pieces missing from the body armor that was used for our weapons pt last week. He gave us a chance to see if we could come up with it, when it didn’t show up he ended up doing a room by room search. He checked everyone’s bags and lockers. Luckily our room was the second in the search, so we were able to go on with our night pretty quickly.

During this whole incident there was a pretty funny moment. We were all standing outside of our rooms waiting for Sergeant Kent to start the inspection. PVT Celtic had previously run into his room and grabbed a huge (trick - or -treat) sized bag full of candy from his locker. He was unable to get it to the garbage can before Sergeant Kent came down the hallway. As everyone knows any type of food is strictly forbidden inside the barracks. PVT Celtic tried to sneak down the hall after Sergeant Kent walked by, then all of a sudden he loses his grip on the part of the bag and candy spills out everywhere. Everyone started laughing and Sergeant Kent stopped and turned to see PVT Celtic trying to pick up a mountain of candy. It was pretty funny. Sergeant Kent surprisingly didn’t make a big deal of it because he wanted to do the inspections. He just walked over to PVT Celtic and took the bag to his office, then resumed the inspection. He told PVT Celtic he would deal with him later.

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