Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yet Another Pee Test (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 90

We woke up at 3:30 in the morning and found out that the reason was for another pee test. Unlike previous pee tests, this one was being “randomly” performed on 90% of the entire battalion. My guess is that they have reason to believe that someone in the battalion has been doing drugs of some sort and this is the best way they can still call it a "random" test and still catch the people. We marched over to Charlie company and did the test. It took longer than usual because of the number of people. Those of us at RBK were allowed to walk back with a battle buddy once we were finished. This turned out to work out pretty well because we arrived back at RBK with plenty of time to eat a leisurely breakfast and get our room squared away as well as perform our normal morning duties.

During class today after the morning break we heard our sister class getting a shakedown. They had to all empty their pockets onto their desks. The instructor was looking for people with cell phones. Later on I talked to our platoon PG who is in that class and found out that two people got caught. 

During our class a guy who keeps falling asleep constantly got punished...well the instructor is not allowed to punish people, so he gave him some “corrective action”. The guy had to do some push-ups, some sit-ups and a modified v-up. Afterward the instructor said “ mopped a bit of the floor!” referring to the wet spot he left on the floor when he was finished.

I spoke with our platoon PG that is in our sister class and he said he got a negative counseling statement for falling asleep in class. He was trying to graduate with honors, but this will eliminate that opportunity. We would go back and forth in test grades with him beating me by a few points in one class and me beating him by a few in the next. Our current class (Security+) is the hardest class we’ve had so far. It has a whole new vocabulary that needs to be learned. There is also a lot of information that we have to process down to the last detail. There are a number of people that fail this class at least once. If you score an 80% or better on the final you will be allowed to take the CompTia Security+ certification exam for free. Right now I don’t feel comfortable at all in the class. I’ve been taking notes every day and studying every night. I am hoping it will all start coming together before the test.

Overheard Quote: “I heard you talking, but I didn’t understand anything you said” (One of the students in the class responding to the instructor when asked if he was “getting it”)

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