Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend (AIT - Fort Gordon) Days 79 - 82

BeerFest!...lots of people...lots of beer...and even a live band

Busy having fun away from the base this 4-day is a summary of the events....

Friday: Woke up for a 7AM formation. This formation was for anyone who was leaving on pass and we formed up in civilian clothes. It just didn’t seem right. We marched over to Charlie company to sign out. The process only took a few minutes once we arrived, which was nice. We were free for the 4-day before 8AM in the morning! At the moment we didn’t have anywhere that we could go, so PFC Metal and I ate breakfast at the DFAC and waited for his wife to come pick us up. They were nice enough to drop me at my hotel so I didn’t have to take a cab. I checked in and waited for my wife to arrive. It was so awesome to see her. We just hung out in the hotel all night (hotel pt).

Saturday: Unfortunately my wife’s luggage didn’t arrive at the airport with her. She was bringing me a lot of my civilian clothes as well, so this kind of sucked for both of us. The airline told us they would deliver it either last night light or this morning. They called this morning and said they changed their mind and we could either come pick it up or they can FedEx it. Needless to say we were a little pissed off. We actually had some plans today and this is going to throw us behind quite a bit. We drove to the Atlanta airport and picked up the luggage, then back to the hotel to change. We then drove to Savannah to attend a BeerFest with PFC Metal and his wife (Check out their website here). They had already been there for a while by the time we arrived, but there was still plenty of time for us to taste all the beers that were there. It was pretty fun, there were a lot of good well as a few that were not so good.

Sunday: Had Starbucks for the first time in a long time and pretty much just relaxed all day. It was very nice....even spent a little time in the hotel hot tub.

Monday: Today was a bit emotional knowing that it was our last day together. It’s times like this that make me question if joining was the right thing to do or not. I hate being away from my family. I am so looking forward to getting out of AIT and getting stationed somewhere, so when I get off duty I can go home to my wife. Just a couple more months...just a couple more months. My wife came to our recall formation and sat with PFC Metal’s wife waiting for our formation to finish. We have to have a sergeant take accountability and check all of our shaves and haircuts. We then took off back to the hotel to hang out until bed check at 21:30 when I had to be back in my room.

Overheard Quote: “ smells like rotten milk” (My wife in the car on the way back from BeerFest....yes I had a little gas)

Me on the left and PFC Metal on the right doing a little beer tasting.

Me in front of the doors to BeerFest...great times are had through these doors!

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  1. I've been wondering what PFC Metal looked like. Haha