Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So Tired (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 96

The beginning of the week kind of started off pretty crappy. I had hall guard shift at 23:30 and because of the new roommates moving in and getting situated, I wasn’t able to sleep. Once I thought I was just about to sleep the sergeant comes in turns on the light and checks for accountability. WTF? The sergeants rotate through and most of them just open the door and let the light from the hall come in, then make sure everyone is accounted for. This sergeant is just an inconsiderate jerk. 

I got up with PFC Metal for our hall guard shift and we went to check in. We couldn’t find the sergeant anywhere. Turns out he was actually in his office, he just had the door closed and the lights off ... Was he sleeping? Was he watching porn? Was he having phone sex? Who knows???

I was able to take a nap after hall guard for a few hours, but it definitely was not enough sleep to get me through the day. PT came way too early. We did ability group runs this morning and I went to C group as usual, this time I was not promoted to B group...nice! We still had a decent run. C group may run at a slower pace, but we run for a longer time period because it takes us longer to do the route.

During class today we had a funny incident. We had a soldier that was eating chips in class (only hard candy is allowed in the classroom). So he had to do some “corrective action” (aka push-ups, sit-ups etc.). The assistant instructor who is an NCO sat in the soldier’s chair and was watching him do the exercises...class went on. The instructor then pauses and looks at the soldier who is just looking at him while squatting on the floor. The instructor then looks up and sees the assistant instructor asleep in the student’s chair. It was pretty funny. I guess NCOs don’t get enough sleep either.

On the way to lunch while in formation there were a number of folks who just would not stop talking to each other instead of sounding off with the cadence. SGT Cujo didn’t take kindly to this and he ended up smoking the entire formation once we reached the DFAC. We had to do a number of push-ups all the while listening to him go on and on. It just sucks the entire formation has to pay for a few people’s infractions.

I was tired all day, a Mountain Dew after lunch helped get me through until after dinner. Study hall was rough, I know I fell asleep a few times during this period....the Dew wore off.

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