Friday, September 24, 2010

Judgement Day (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 99

Today we had muscle failure day for PT (lots of push-ups and sit-ups). Very good workout this morning!

Today in class we had a girl dismissed and told she was going to be recycled. The funny thing is that she was placed in our class because she was recycled from a previous class. She had missed too many days of class, so many that when the teacher was doing attendance it became a joke when he got to her name because she was never there. She always had an appointment for something. She was pissed and stormed off, but she only has herself to blame. She’s going to make a career out of being a student at AIT.

Today is test day for Security+. We were able to study for the first half of the day and then after lunch we took the test. I took it very slow, reading each question twice, then answering. Before I hit the next button I would also go over each of the answers I didn’t choose and ask myself why they were not correct. I ended up changing a lot of answers or going back and forth on some. After the test everyone had to wait in the student break area until everyone was finished. This is a horrible time because we are all just sitting there with anticipation of finding out our grades. Talking with each other trying to figure out which questions we got right or wrong.

After we were called up I found out that I actually did very well...a 94% on the test! This means I get to take the certification test tomorrow. Surprisingly our class ended up doing much better than our sister class. We had 6 people fail the test vs. 9 fails in our sister class. There were a number of people crying and very upset that they failed. We also had more qualify for the certification test (we had 6 people qualify and they had 3 or 4) 

I’m very more mandatory study hall for me at all!!!! I just have to study for the certification test tonight, but I’ll be doing that in the barracks.

When we got back to RBK we were shown “discrepancies” in our room from an earlier inspection today. (crazy how something I’ve never changed since I’ve been here is all of a sudden wrong). I didn’t let that bring me down though, I just fixed the problems and then started studying for the certification exam tomorrow. Even though I scored high on the final test, I’m still a little nervous about taking the exam.

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