Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Say No to KKK (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 77

PT this morning...let’s just say I’m not the kind of guy who wakes up in the morning and thinks “hmmmmm I’d like to go for a run”. That is just not me. I’ve felt good after a run knowing that I got a good working, but I don’t just go run for fun. Knowing that today was a run day made it hard to get motivated for PT. We ran as one big group today all the way to and up “Victory Hill”. The pace was decent enough to get a good sweat going, but it surprisingly turned out to be a pretty motivational run as well. Sergeant Kent as well as a guest sergeant were calling our running cadences and it got everyone fired up. 

We went back to the normal school schedule today which meant we had to hurry and shower, eat, then clean up our room and our other duties (the latrines today). We started our new class VOIP, but it is mainly focusing on Cisco switches so far. Our teacher sounds like he’s straight out of Russia. He reminds me of that Russian cosmonaut in the movie Armageddon. Other than trying to understand him, he seems like he’ll be a decent instructor. We’ll have him through Security+ class.

I’ve noticed lately that my freakin’ facial hair has been growing faster than normal. I seem to be getting a five o’clock shadow before noon! I figured out why after reading this article. I blame it on my wife...she is coming up this weekend and because it’s been so long I’m sure it will be like my cool drill sergeant would always say (it’s like a honeymoon every time you see each other).

After class and dinner today we had to have some mandatory company training. We marched to a church and a civilian briefed us on hate groups. There are hate groups all over and from what he says, Georgia has a number of them here in this state. I guess I was a little ignorant, but I thought that the younger generation didn’t even care that much about racial issues anymore. We were shown a number of photos of extremist tattoos that people or soldiers had as well as a lot of graffiti and other hate artwork. Some of these photos were from Fort Gordon. There are a number of extremist groups that try to recruit people that are already in the military or others that would like to harm us because we are in the military (because we are seen as just part of the big government machine). It was actually an interesting brief and I was surprised when an hour had passed. The civilian was only about half way through, but he had to wrap it up.

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