Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monopoly (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 91

Today PT was pretty normal except we actually finished a little early which never happens. We had plenty of time to get ready and eat breakfast without having to rush, which was nice.

In class today we had a couple of entertaining things happen. First PVT Dell (a nickname our CCNA instructor gave the guy) fell asleep hard. His head was down on the desktop and laying on his beret. When the teacher saw him, the guy sitting next to him kicked his chair to wake PVT Dell up. When he woke up he had drool all over and his face was all red and had lines in if from where the beret was. It took him a few seconds to realize the entire class was looking at him and laughing. I guess the instructor thought that was punishment enough because he didn’t have to do anything else. 

Our company PG wasn’t so lucky though. He was caught playing Monopoly on his computer while the instructor was trying to teach class. The instructor thought for a minute and then decided to have him do some “corrective training”. So our company PG got on the floor and had to do the following:
20 leg risers
15 toe touches (kind of like the v-up except you have to touch your toes)
The supine bicycle until the instructor told him to stop
25 frog kicks (another kind of modified v-up)
Our company PG couldn’t complain though, this action is much preferable than a negative counseling statement or having to talk to the Master Sergeant.

On the way back from study hall everyone from RBK usually splits off and just heads back to the barracks. Technically we are supposed to stay for a formation, but it never pertains to us and it’s just a waste of time. Today right when we all split off one of our sergeants was behind the formation and started yelling for us all to come back...bummer. We had to stand in the company formation and waste about 20 minutes. When we have to do study hall it really eats up into our free time, so every spare minute is precious.

Overheard Quote: “The only person that should yell my name when I’m in bed should be my wife” (PFC Metal after someone came in the room early in the morning to make sure he was awake)

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