Friday, September 17, 2010

Motivational Run (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 92

Wake up this morning was bright and early at 3:45, I set my alarm for 3:35 to let me beat the rush to the bathroom. I always try and get up about 10 minutes before everyone else. This way I can use the restroom, brush my teeth and shave before everyone else starts filling up the bathroom.

This morning was the battalion run (a motivational run). We formed up and marched across Barton Field to meet up with the other companies. Sergeant Kent always likes to show off, so he had all of us drop and do a number of push-ups before he released us to our companies. Once each of the companies were ready we all started a run together. Charlie company led the way and the other companies fell in behind us. Since it was a motivational run we had a number of sergeants taking turns calling cadence. We jogged at about a 9 minute mile pace for about 4 miles. For the most part everyone stayed in the group. We did have a number of girls fall out as well as a few tubby guys though. It was good enough for me to get a good sweat going and to tell you the truth it was a little

After that it was back to business as usual. After class on the way to lunch, SGT Cujo didn’t like the way the formation was talking and walking, so he made us all do push-ups in front of the cafeteria. Not normal push-ups either...he would say down (at this point we were supposed to hold ourselves about an inch or two off the ground). While we were in the down position, he would go on about what a bunch of dirt bags we all were. Then he would say up and everyone would go to the up position. We would stay in this position while he went on and on talking to us all. This continued for a while...down......jabber jabber jabber.....up......jabber jabber jabber...and so on. I was a little pissed because I wasn’t one of the ones talking or screwing off, but sometimes in the army a lot of people are going to pay for the few.

Overheard Quote: “Are you high” (The instructor asking our company PG. Our company PG was just in a daze in class. In fact he was high on some pain medications that he was prescribed because of some dental work he just had done)

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