Thursday, September 9, 2010

zzzzzz (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 85

As promised our pt this morning was a long run. We ran around 5 miles (some were saying it had to be 6). We just kept going and going and going. We ran so much that we actually had to stop and do our morning salute in the middle of the road. Usually this is the last thing we do on the pt field after our cool down exercises, but we still had a long way to run just to get back to our pt field. Since we were behind it rushed everything else we had to do in the morning (shower, eat, clean our room, and perform our daily cleaning duty of a common area)

I was pretty tired again in class today. I even fell asleep once and the instructor saw me. I had to stand up for a while to get my blood flowing. During the next break I got a Mountain Dew from the vending machine and I was good to go for the rest of class. There are a number of guys that fall asleep daily in class, so this being my first time in this class falling asleep didn’t make me feel too bad.

There are rumors that we will be able to phase up tomorrow. I am hoping they are true, but you never know with all the rumors that fly around here. It is actually past time since we are on week 12 already (we are allowed to phase up at week 11).

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