Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Therapy Follow-Up - (Germany) Day 274

This morning PT was a run around post in civilian clothes for most people, as usual those of us on profile headed to the gym and worked out. I rode the stationary bicycle for my cardio and had a good workout.

I headed into the mailroom…my office for the week. This morning they had me and the other soldier form a small assembly line and go through a ton of mail. I took each piece of mail and marked a line through the address. I was told this had to be a special line, starting at the top left of the address making it's way through the zip code in the bottom right. I then had to initial next to this very important line. Well, I was told to scribble something that could resemble and initial. Then I would pass my piece off to the soldier working with me for him to stamp with two different stamps to the right of the crossed out address. All this was done so they could haul this mail out and throw it all in the dumpster. These were all undeliverable pieces of mail, most of it bulk mail that was sent out. Any first class mail will get returned to the sender, but presorted bulk mail gets thrown away after all this. We had several tubs full of this and worked on it until lunch. So for 3 hours straight, I sat there with a pen marking a line through addresses and scribbling an initial. Going through all of this made me wonder how the post office is losing so much money if companies are still sending out so much junk mail.

I had lunch in my car as usual, but remembered to actually bring my iPad today, so I was able to read a bit as well. On my way back to the mailroom I was stopped by a Stars and Stripes reporter. She saw my Seahawks t-shirt I had on and made a beeline straight to me. She was trying to get people's reactions on the NFL referee strike and the replacement refs. There has been a lot of controversy with the replacement refs, especially a call in the last Monday Night Football featuring the Seahawks and Packers. Unfortunately I wasn't able to give her much of an opinion. I just said, since I've joined the army and especially since I've been stationed overseas, I feel separated from the whole sports scene. It's hard to catch any hometown games via AFN. I like to watch football and basketball, but it's just very difficult to do so while stationed overseas. I could keep up via the web, but I think I'll probably just wait until I get back home and enjoy the games with family and friends.

When I arrived back in the mailroom, I worked the front customer service desk. I did the usual, get people's packages, answer simple questions, change their address, and hold their mail. Time goes by pretty quick up there and before I knew it, I had to head out for my physical therapy follow-up appointment. I met with the doctor who gave me some new exercises to try on my own and also gave me a portable shock therapy device. This means I can now do my own shock therapy at home. I'll schedule another appointment in a month to see where we're at. I told him as long as I'm taking the medication and not doing any impact exercises, my headaches seem to stay under control. He said next month if I'm still the same, he may refer me to the hospital up at Landstuhl. They may take an MRI and also try other treatments such as Botox in my neck. I'm not really excited about that prospect, but I'll see what else they have to say.

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