Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back in the Office - (Germany) Day 253

This morning I woke up after a pretty crappy night's sleep. I was thinking too much about having to go back in the office again. I may have complained about school the last two weeks (mainly because it was boring, gave me more training in a job I did not sign up for, and it made me not only miss my trip I had planned to England with non-refundable tickets, but it also made me miss my required motorcycle course in order for me to get my license to ride here in Europe.  I also just checked today and there are no more classes available for the rest of the year, so it looks like I'm waiting until spring of next year), but at least I was not in the office every day.

PT this morning was our entire battalion. We've never done this before and we all had to form up at Campbell Barracks, where I work. We formed up and did PT on the parade field, which is full of red dirt and little rocks. Fun stuff to have to lay in, roll around in and do general PT in. (That was me being sarcastic). Those of us with profiles had to stay in formation for this special event and just do what we could, and do alternative exercises of our choosing for those that would break our profile. (for example if the exercise was sit-ups, I would just stand there and raise my knees one at a time) I did as much as possible and I'm sure I'll be feeling it later, because I haven't worked out at all in two weeks! With my head hurting the way it was, there was no way I was going to do anything these last two weeks. Hopefully things will go back to normal tomorrow and I'll head to the gym and do my own routine. I get a good workout while inside and listening to my music, instead of people screaming and showing off in front of the command sergeant major…give me a break.

Work started at 0900 as usual and when I came into the office I saw that some things had changed. Our side of the office shrunk and we lost a computer to the other side. There already wasn't enough computers to start with, now we're down one more. So if we aren't one of the lucky ones to get a computer at the moment, we can sit in a chair and look at the wall…retarded!

I spent the morning (after I had a chance to get on a computer) going through my email and then finalizing my DTS information to send up. This is all the information that is supposed to get me paid for my TDY going to class the last two weeks. It's not a lot, but we'll see if it ever happens to come…I'm not holding my breath.

I went to lunch in my car as usual, listened to music and played "Plants vs Zombies" on my iPhone (forgot my iPad with my books on it). After that I headed back to the office and had to change the combination to all our safes in the vault. SPC Whirlwind is leaving this Sunday and anytime someone leaves, all the combinations have to be changed.

I then tried to start the process with DTS for my next trip. I'm going to the next class "Intel-35" next week. I also made some appointments this week while I'm here. The day went by pretty quick and I'm glad. It all came rushing back to me why I just can't stand being in the office. I'm actually looking forward to going to this next class. I'll be out for another two weeks and I've been told this class is a lot more hands on with no homework. Also SGT Mex may be coming with me, which will be nice. We just have to wait and see if he passes his weight test. He can't go to any schools while he's overweight. Hopefully we find out soon, and he'll be able to come. It will be nice to have someone I know there with me.

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