Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to the Office - (Germany) Day 272

This morning PT was cardio in civilian clothes. Everyone headed for a run off post, while I headed to the gym with the other profiles. I did my cardio on the stationary bicycle and had a decent workout.

Back in the office at 0900…I really didn't want to head back in. The day turned out to be not too bad though. It started off with my going through all my email. Being gone for two weeks can make for a big inbox. I also printed out my tuition assistance "statement of understanding" to get signed. This is a form that has to be updated once a year. I had to print it out, sign it, and then scan it to my platoon sergeant to have our commander sign. Surprisingly I received it back by the end of the day. I could then upload it to "GoArmyEd" and keep going to class for another year. So I just signed up for my next class which will start at the end of October.

I then helped issue some encrypted key out to a couple customers. What had been a process I didn't quite understand before, has now become an easier task. With both classes behind me, and experience in the office, I finally understand and know everything that needs to be done. I didn't actually load the key on the customer's SKL, but I did everything else…which is basically all paperwork and making sure the customer signs in the right places. I can't say that it's an awesome job, but I do understand it a lot more now.

I headed out to lunch in my car…as usual. Music and a nap was on the menu today! Back in the office I was able to surf the internet a bit to pass the time. We have two people out taking a Security+ class and another out because of a dental surgery. With other appointments and such, there were computers open for use. I don't think that will be the case in the future.

We were let go at 1630 and I headed over to pick my wife up from work before heading home. I did schoolwork and then we watched "Sons of Anarchy"! Glad the new season has started up!!

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