Friday, September 28, 2012

Last Day Pretending - (Germany) Day 276

This morning PT was a battalion run, and as usual the whole morning pissed me off to no end. This place drives me bonkers! We were told to come in our full winter PT uniform minus the hat and gloves. It's getting colder and this actually made sense to me, have the soldiers not freeze…it's just common sense. So the winter PT uniform basically adds the jacket and pants. The formation was at 0545, but we are required to arrive 10 minutes early (0535), then again it's also strongly suggested we arrive a wee bit earlier than that (0530). So I arrive and not 5 minutes after everyone starts to form up, we're told that the uniform changed…now it's shorts and a long sleeved shirt. Most everyone already had on the long sleeved shirt and shorts under their winter PTs, but we did have an NCO that had to race back to his room to change. We then proceeded to stand in the chilled formation for…I kid you not….an entire hour. We had to wait for the bus from Landstuhl to arrive with the rest of our company and when they finally did, we started the warm up stretches. The stupidity reaches no bounds. I hate the necessity to arrive so early, just to stand around. Then on top of it, we downgraded our PT uniform to make us cold.

Once the profiles fell out of the formation, the sergeant major made sure all of us had a "no running" profile. The profiles were then supposed to do a brisk walk to the commissary and back. I just fell out and headed to the gym. My profile actually says I can't walk for aerobic exercise, so I headed to the warm gym and rode the bicycle with my headphones. I have never been so excited to get away from other people. I did my own workout and then headed back just as everyone was coming back from the run. I had to listen to all the leaders give their same ol' weekend safety briefing…don't do drugs, don't drink and drive, don't beat your wife…and on and on. We were then released and I took off to get ready for work.

Work today was my last day of pretending to be a civilian. Dressed in civilian clothes, I headed to the mailroom and worked my butt off. There was a lot of stuff to do, but this made the time fly. Everyone else had to attend "Days of Excellence" which always consists of some sort of army training, commanders speaking, and then various awards given out. Nothing I'm too fond of...especially the army training. They were released after that, which I'm not sure what time it was…but to tell you the truth, I'd rather work hard an entire day pretending to be a civilian like I did today, instead of going to "Days of Excellence" and getting off early.

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