Monday, September 10, 2012

Intel 35 Day 1 - (Germany) Day 258

This morning we woke up at our hotel and after getting ready headed outside of our rooms to have breakfast in the dining area. The breakfast was modest, but more than enough to satisfy. I had orange juice, a roll with jam, a banana, and a slice of bread with some cheese and meat. The host also filled up my travel mug with coffee for the road…Awesome! Now I'll have coffee for a while during class.

Speaking of class we arrived and started the process of the first day of class. There were only four of us and nobody was on the actual schedule to take the class. We all came on stand-by status…LOL. We were all missing at least one piece of required paperwork, but after making some calls we all were able to get everything taken care of before the end of the day. This class is much different than Intel 34. We have the same instructors for Intel 35 and even they joked that the previous class (Intel 34) is very boring and tough to teach. All the instructors remembered me from the previous class. We started off by doing a little introduction, then headed into an overview of what the class will involve. This class will be a lot more hands on. In fact the first half of the day consisted of mainly PowerPoint, but the second half was all hands on. It wasn't much, but we did turn on the LCMS system, created accounts and such.

I think this class is going to be so much better than the previous class. It's also nice having SGT Mex from my office with me here. We are able to hang out and chat quite a bit during breaks, lunch, and after class. We got out at 1630 and headed back to our hotel. After changing and reading a little I met up with SGT Mex in the dining area to eat dinner. We chose to sit outside because it was pretty nice out. I had a typical German meal with a sausage, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes. A German meal wouldn't be complete without a beer, and dessert was ice cream of course. I'm loving that we get to stay and eat at this hotel for free. The place is nice and the food is outstanding!

I then settled down and did some schoolwork for a while before video chatting with my wife for a bit. Now I'm going to relax, read a little and turn in for the night.

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