Thursday, September 27, 2012

Acting Civilian - (Germany) Day 275

This morning PT was a ruck march around PHV for those not on profile, those of us on profile headed to the gym to workout. Before anyone could do anything though, we had to listen to our platoon sergeant get all pissy about some people that weren't even in formation. He went on and on bitching and whining about how we all need to be on time and be clean shaven for the PT formation. What doesn't make sense is that the people he was talking about were not even in our formation at the time. So he's basically yelling at everyone who was already there on time and clean shaven. I don't understand some people in the army. While I'm bitching here let me also say that ruck marches have to be one of the stupidest things to do for PT as well. I'm just glad I'm on profile and get to go to the gym and have a normal workout.

During the PT formation we also heard about all the sergeant's time training that was going on today, luckily I am still working in the mailroom and I will not have to attend any of what I'm sure will be mind numbing training. I headed to the mailroom at 0900 and started putting all the sorted mail actually into people's mailboxes. I did this until the front door opened at 1100, then worked the front desk doing customer service. I felt like a civilian at a normal job. Time flies by because it stays pretty busy. I wear civilian clothes and people are actually nice. I would have short conversations with folks that come in.

I had my lunch in the food court instead of my car, because it was just a little too hot. I did read my book for a while before heading back into the mailroom and finishing out the day working at the front counter. I actually really miss being a civilian, working a normal job, feeling normal. If I could keep working in the mailroom I would jump at the chance, it's not like I'm actually doing my job I signed up for in my current office. It's a little too early to start looking for a job when I get out, but I think about it all the time. I'm going to enjoy my last day working in the mailroom tomorrow and then enjoy the weekend as well, before I have to head back and be a soldier again next week.

At home I did the usual…ate dinner with my wife, did schoolwork, and watched TV shows. Our nightly routine and I love it.

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