Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Intel 35 Day 3 - (Germany) Day 260

A view of SGT Mex in the outside dining area at our hotel...I love this place!

Had my usual nice breakfast this morning along with my "to-go" coffee…I love this hotel! Arrived at class and because we have such a small class size (only 4 people) we have been moving along faster than planned. We ended up taking quite a bit of time just chatting with the instructors between each block of instruction. At one point we chatted for an hour about random stuff. There were some pretty interesting conversations. Both our instructors have retired from the army. Our female instructor had an interesting career with overseas time in Korea, Kuwait, Norway, and Germany as well as some time working at the NSA. She did say something that I can really relate to, probably because I joined so late in life "I was a civilian in a military uniform". I think and feel the same way. Being older, I'm already set in my ways and I can see past a lot of the bullshit that goes on. I also question a lot of the stupidity that I see versus a young person who may not know any better.

We did have a couple hands on portions during the day, but today was more instruction than usual. The instructors said they still have to give these current blocks of instruction, but the army does not use this information anymore. It's funny because even the last bullet on the slide stated that the army no longer uses this…but we had to go through it anyway because the material had not been changed yet by Fort Gordon. Everyone was left kind of scratching their heads wondering why we just wasted two hours of our lives.

We were let out at 1600 after another long random conversation session between us and the instructors. We backed up our systems and did an inventory of all of our personal items, then we left. We headed back to the hotel, where I read my book for a bit, then took a nap. I then ate dinner with SGT Mex in the dining area along with another soldier here for training. This hotel only has 3 rooms! We had some good dinner and good conversation before heading back to each of our rooms. I did homework before video chatting with my wife, then called it a night and turned in.

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