Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Day - (Korea) Day 28

A quick photo I took of the snow from the door to my barracks
(didn't go outside with only slippers on)

This morning I woke up as normal and took a quick shower and shaved. What I didn't notice when I got out was that I had already missed 4 calls! Holy cow. I grabbed my iPhone and started checking twitter which I use to keep up on the news both here and back home. I saw a couple of alerts for Yongsan stating that road conditions had been red (which means an O6 or higher needs to sign off on you driving a government vehicle) and were currently amber (which I believe means that you should only drive if it's very important - my interpretation). I still expected that I would be going to work though, I'd just have to safely make my way down the slick road on my feet as usual. I was eating my pop tarts and brewing coffee when my phone rang. SPC Roy was calling me to tell me that as far as him and our sergeant were concerned….The Base Is Closed! Don't come into work, just be available on standby until noon just in case. OK…no problem!

I put these links on my Misc Links page, they are what I check out for notifications and news about Yongsan post.


Yongsan: http://www.facebook.com/youryongsan

USO Korea: http://www.facebook.com/pages/USO-Korea/118439231514980


Yongsan: http://twitter.com/USAGYongsan

USO Korea: https://twitter.com/usokorea

US Army: http://twitter.com/USArmy (Not Yongsan, but generic US Army info)

This meant it was going to be a lazy day. I did some SkillPort (Rosetta Stone) and a lot of video chatting with my wife. Because of the time difference we don't usually get to talk this much. Sometimes we even do other stuff while video chatting, but just having each other on the other end is a nice way to feel close. I watched the movie "Inception". Wow what a mind trip! The movie is about dreams and our perception of reality. It was a pretty cool action packed movie. When I first saw the previews I didn't know if it was a movie I wanted to see. It seemed a little too far out there, but after watching I would say that it was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone. It keeps you guessing at the end…but for those that haven't seen it yet, I'll leave it at that.

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