Friday, December 6, 2013

Half Day - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 181

Sent my squad leader a text this morning “MOU Today”, then headed into the sub base outside of Silverdale. Once there I started my normal morning routine of checking my army and navy email and then surfing the web a bit. I thought for a minute to start a SkillPort, but I just didn’t have the drive or motivation at all. I just continued to slowly surf the web checking out the news around the world, the US, and locally. I was basically zoning out while surfing the web.

I stopped for a bit and played a few games on my iPhone to switch it up a bit. I really wish that I could be considered basically an employee while I’m here. I’d like a lot more to do, I’d like to learn more, I’d like to actually do something. There are 2 open and unfilled positions in the department, so I’m not sure why I can’t just take over the responsibilities of at least one of them. Instead I just kind of hang out and find ways to pass the time.

At 1000 I did one of the only things that they really have me help out with around here…help physically move things. My co-worker and I took the two computers that we fixed yesterday over to the naval 911 office and hooked them up. Since we already had them completely working before we left, all we had to do was call and have port security reset on the switches and then everything worked perfectly. It’s good to finally get this project completed after all the problems we had with these last two machines.

Once we got back I surfed the web some more, then headed to my car and had lunch. When I came back in my co-worker said “hey it’s Friday, there is nothing to do and nobody else is here…just go ahead and go home”. So I didn’t waste any time and headed out for the day. Once home I settled in and did some schoolwork.

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