Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to the Grind - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 177

Back to work today, it’s really tough after a nice long break. I got up and texted my squad leader “MOU Today”. I then headed into the naval sub base outside of Silverdale. I could use the bases actual names, and it would be pretty easy to find out, but I just don’t want this journal to end up coming up when people are searching for the particular names of the bases for some other purpose. I just keep a lot of it especially vague when I talk about my work with the navy. This journal is not about the navy, but about my experiences while in the army…so if you were wondering there is the answer.

When I arrived in the office I did my normal routine of checking my army and navy emails, then surfing the web for a while. My co-worker then had an idea to use one of his working computers (his test computer on his desktop) to replace one of the nonworking computers at the naval 911 center. The computer is a slightly different model than all the rest, but it would give them a working computer until we can figure out the problems. We also have another test computer that works out at the shipyard in Bremerton. So the plan now is to replace the two nonworking computers with our test computers for at least the short term.

We carted the test computer over and hooked it up at the naval 911 center and it worked fine. One down and one to go, but we’ll pick up the one in Bremerton soon…just not today. I had lunch in my car and then worked on a SkillPort to finish out the day. I think I may end up doing all the continuing education requirements for my CompTia certifications all while working with the navy.

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