Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday (Basic Training) Day 54

These entries are from the letters that Brandon has mailed to me. His writing at times can be a bit difficult to determine his words... bare with me, I do my best, especially with army terms.
It’s Sunday again, a day of rest, at least from training and PT. My body is sore, so I’m looking forward to the recovery. I had no guard duty, which was nice; I got to sleep 9 hours! I think that’s a first in basic. 
Our cool DS was talking with us the other day about what to do in the regular army. He’s done exactly what I’m planning to do. He’s spent time going to school while in active duty and the army pays for it all. He actually had two bachelors degree… all paid for. I plan on at least getting my bachelors degree. 
Evidently, our APG sat-up in his bed last night as the guys next to him were getting ready for their fireguard shift. Our APG thought he was clearing rooms. He said, “Stack on PG” (line up behind the PG to exit the room), and then he said, “Ah, I’m cut.” Then he woke up and looked at the guys next to him who were laughing.  He then told them to wake him up for his shift and went back to sleep. LOL.
More picking up leaves today, one by one. Isn’t it spring? All these freakin’ leaves should be down already!
I guess someone from our platoon told 4th platoon about our chow formation plans. 4th platoon stole it and used it. Now our PG is pissed and doesn’t want to do it, so I guess we’ll be just doing the same ol’ same ‘ol. 
After cleaning up the CTA our cool DS turned on some music in the bay. Even though it was R&B and rap, it was still nice to hear music. Then it got even better… he pulled down the projector screen and starting playing music videos for all genres of music. Very cool! 
Went to church and lunch, then everyone just chilled in the bay. It can get pretty boring. Guys are passing the time with their homemade deck of cards, sleeping under their beds, sleeping in their lockers, playing hangman on the white board and running around pulling people’s shorts down. I’ve been watching them all, while reading and writing. 
There seems to be a bag bug going around. Perhaps the same thing that 2nd platoon had. We have 3 guys that had a fever and have been sent to the infirmary. One guy also had bumps all over his upper body; it’s all red from him scratching. Lots of hand washing and sanitizer for me. 
We got a phone call today finally around 20:00 for about 50 minutes. Which was awesome! I was able to talk to my kids and my wife, which was perfect because it’s our anniversary today. Now it’s time to get some rest for FTX-3 tomorrow. 
Overheard Quote: “I’m not getting in that… it’s too homo.” (PVT GG’s response when asked if he wanted to join the conga line some of the guys were doing around the bay.)

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