Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Sunday (Basic Training) Day 40

These entries are from the letters that Brandon has mailed to me. His writing at times can be a bit difficult to determine his words... bare with me, I do my best, especially with army terms.
I had to wake up very early this morning for Brigade staff duty.  Yesterday I was thinking I had it at 1pm, but it turned out to be 1am this morning. We were woken up 12:30 and had to get our ACUs on. The walk to Brigade headquarters is only about 5 minute walk. PVT Cock and I got there and the guy we were relieving said we could actually use the vending machine. Great, except I didn’t bring any money. Didn’t think I would need money for staff duty. Grrrr. All that we did was sit in two chairs for an hour until our relief came. 

We got to “sleep in” until 6am, which is nice (because it’s Sunday). Went to breakfast and this week we are the last platoon to eat. It sucks because some of the items have been picked clean. 

After breakfast we had to do the 30-30-10 again. (push-ups, sit-ups, & pull-ups). Evidently, the DS thought it was such a great idea we now have to do them after every meal. I don’t mind the exercises, but doing them on a full stomach is rough. 

More cleaning today. We had to even wash some cars. Problem is we don’t have any of the proper supplies. We washed them with some general purpose cleaner. We also cleaned up our CTA area and the bay. After I went to church they started moving all the beds and lockers so they could buff the floor. PVT Homer, I hear was pressing his butt against the window while moving a locker and the entire window broke out and fell down to the CTA below. (that was a big D’oh!!). I guess the senior DS came up and was yelling, “What the hell just happened?” By the time we got back from church though he was cooled off.

After lunch PFC Metal and I were assigned laundry guard. We did our platoons laundry for about 4 hours. A few guys came down to hang out because I don’t think they felt like cleaning in the bay. The PG  (Platoon Guide – aka Platoon Leader…aka Drill PVT) came down and got a little pissed. All of the guys left except one, I guess he didn’t want to take orders from a private. The PG told the DS, Now that guy has latrine duty every night this week from 21:00 – 22:00.

When we came up from laundry duty, we come into the entertainment of the night for our platoon. All the guys who had pictures of their girls put them out and everyone voted on them. They were just finished with tallying the votes and everyone was gathered around. Lots of hoot and hollering, pretty funny.

We were also allowed a phone call today. I was able to talk to my wife and kids for 20 minutes, but it seemed like 5. Another perk to white phase – phone calls on Sundays. We have one more week and then we can phase to blue. That will be awesome!!!

Overheard Quote: “It smelled like a tire was lit on fire and stuck up my ass” (Our PG talking about the gas he had a couple of days ago.)

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