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Camping Army Style (Basic Training) Day 42

FTX -2 3rd BN, 47th IN
This is the headquarters tent used by the DSs

Last night we found out that my battle buddy (who went AWOL for a little while) finally got sent back to 30th AG (AKA reception). This is the final destination people go before they get out of the army. Echo Company is full of all the people who didn't make it through basic and are getting discharged for whatever reason. Since my battle buddy got back all he did was staff duty (sit at a desk) all day, so he was going nuts.  He was not allowed to attend any of the training at all.  So he’s been looking forward to this day. He thinks he’ll get out soon, but all the stories I’ve heard say that it can take quite a while. The saying goes “The fastest way out of basic training is to graduate”.
Today we packed up and got on this bus to do our FTX-2. It was a tight fit in those seats with our rucks front-loaded. Once we arrived we had to march about a mile or so. Seemed like forever with all that weight on our shoulders.
We ate duty food for breakfast and then had to build our “hasty fighting positions”. We use our “E-Tool” (a mini shovel that folds up) and dig a Y shaped shallow grave about 18” deep. Our heads are each at the top of the Y and our feet meet at the bottom. The bottom is also where out rucksacks are stored. We also have to camouflage it well. I was paired up with PFC Metal, which is great. He’s a hard worker and also a perfectionist. The platoon guide has mentioned numerous times that ours is the best. It’s so big we should invite him over for cocktails tonight. LOL.
We then were given a compass and coordinates and our platoon had to make it’s way to our first battle dill class. (Squad movements, react to fire and such). We had MREs for lunch and were told we could eat everything including contraband! Problem is that mine didn’t come with any candy. Bummer. It’s all luck of the draw with MREs. I had chili, which wasn’t too bad. 
We navigated to another battle drill class (react to indirect fire and how to cross a road in squads), and then headed back to our base. At least there are outhouses here; we don’t have to dig holes when we have to do business. 
The weather here is hot and humid. Anytime we do anything, everyone starts to sweat. We will only have our field shower kits and a lot of deodorant tomorrow. There are also bugs of all sorts everywhere, ants, and spiders, flying insects including huge ass mosquitoes. Lots of people were bit by ants, including myself. One guy even found a tick on him when we finally got back to the bay. 
While we were away in our battle drill the DSs set a number of booby traps. If someone tripped the line it would set of a loud bang (think M80). Once that happened the guy would have to lay down and the closet person to him would have to treat his “blown off” leg. We all carried around practice field aid packs with tourniquets and bandages. We actually had a few people trip those in our platoon. There was also others that would make a bottle rocket sound. If we heard that we would have to yell “incoming” and everyone would have to lay down in the dirt in prone position. 
Our Senior DS heard that 15 people went down today back at our battalion because of the heat. So after dinner he made us fill up our canteen (1 qt.) with water and down it. When finished, we had to hold it above our heads upside down with the cap off (to prove to the DS that it was empty). We all finished but one guy threw it right back up. The DS wasn’t happy with that so we had to do it again. This time 4 or 5 people threw up. It was pretty crazy, our formation was falling apart because people were trying to get away from the throw up.
We were warned that there was also an infantry unit on FTX around, and they were missing some night vision goggles, so they may try and steal ours. We were also told they will have red sharpies and will try to mark our throats with them. If we wake up with that it means our throat was slit and we’re dead.
Other platoons, from our company, may try and breach our security and steal weapons etc. We were all given magazines full of blank rounds and some of us (me and PFC Metal) got night vision goggles. Unfortunately that meant we were going to pull 50/50 security. One of us would be on guard and one of us would sleep, then switch every hour. 
Random DS Quote: “I’m going to superman jump and drop kick you in the throat”.  (DS A-hole to PFC Metal because he saw him sitting instead of kneeling).


Hey I was McGuires battle buddy I got back home tuesday, and I just want to wish him and all of 1st platoon good luck, and don't break any more windows.
Just in cause he wants to get get in touch with me my email

RN # 118
Josh Mahaffey

Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 04:50 PM

Kara Moore

SuperMan jump Lol... I asked Jon about that... AKA: PFC. Metal. He kind of chuckled and said oh, you heard about that huh?

Saturday, June 5, 2010 - 06:19 PM

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