Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NIC at Night (Basic Training) Day 48

Sorry Folks,

While migrating my journal to blogger, I realized this post was an exact duplicate of a future post. Somehow my wife put up the wrong post from the letters I sent her, but she did get the right title. Not sure how that was done, but such is life. Unfortunately we were doing some spring cleaning within the last month and actually threw away all the letters I sent her from basic training, so I cannot even put up the original content.

I remember from the title that this was the night we went out to a special range during the night. This was a while back, so I don't remember all the details of the entire day, but the range was quite a bit different. It had a few mini guard towers at the front and the NCOs in these towers would be firing live rounds. We were all at the back of the range in a deep trench. When we were told to go, we had to climb up and low crawl all the way to the front. During this process there were obstacles we had to navigate, while staying as low as possible. There were logs, barbed wire, and sandbags. Explosions were going off (or at least the sounds of explosions) and the live fire was above.

The low crawl made the process take a very long time. Everyone stayed as low as possible during the event, even though in hindsight I'm sure the live fire was about 15 feet high so I'm sure there was no chance of anyone actually getting hit. It was pretty funny because not everyone made it...at least one guy ended up making a slow turn as he was low crawling and didn't realize it...he ended up off the side of the course.

So move on to the next day and you'll pick up where I last left off...

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