Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Say No to Bath Salts - (Korea) Day 220

The group shot of our SCJS offices from the farewell meeting yesterday

Work call this morning was at 0730. We had to setup for another farewell ceremony for the general to say goodbye to another office. Once we were all setup I got a call from my roommate. He locked himself out of our room yet again. Luckily I could leave and let him back in, but when I arrived at our room he was nowhere to be found. What to do? I did the only thing I could think of, walk to the food court and grab some coffee from Starbucks. I headed back to the room for one last check and he was there this time. Evidently he didn't think I would be as fast as I was. I let him in and then headed back to the office and started on some SkillPorts.

After a bit I had to head out and be a traffic controller for a change of command ceremony for a marine general. It seems everyone is leaving around this time of year! My job was to make sure no cars came and tried to enter through the exit, while SPC Mick stood guard on the entrance side and made sure nobody except a general drove through the entrance (we can't really stop them).

After the ceremony I headed back to do some more SkillPorts, but was informed that me, SPC Mick and Special K had to attend some "Spice Training". It was scheduled at noon, so we had to hurry up and eat and then take off to the training. We ate at the food court and then drove to the "training center" on post. (The training center is actually the movie theatre, but it's day job is the training center).

It turns out it was not exactly "Spice Training", but substance abuse training. We got to hear all kinds of actual stories that have happened to soldiers here in Korea while under the influence of some sort of drug or alcohol. The interesting thing is that the instructor gave examples from people across all ranks from full bird colonels to privates. Everything from death to rape has happened. We also went over all the different things that people are doing to get high these days. It amazes me the stuff people try to get high. The latest is bath salts. I guess they grind them up and then snort it. I wonder who are the first people to think up something like that? Just sitting around the house bored, then you see some bath salt and decide to grind it up and snort it….WTF? Crazy people out there.

We headed back to the office and I worked on my SSDL1 training that I started last week. I have finished module 1 and am now working on module 2. There are 4 total and when I finish I should get 80 hours training credit as well as a certificate. It states that soldiers are now required to do this before heading to WLC (warrior leader course), so I'll be ahead of the curve.

We cleaned up and were ready to go, but had to wait for Special K to finish framing a joint unit meritorious award. I guess our unit received one for the period of 2008-2010. Part of the job of our office is framing all the awards that come through and this is something that Special K and our KATUSA do, so you can say we even do arts and crafts in the army. I checked into it and it looks like I might be able to get an extra ribbon because of this unit award because I arrived at the last part of 2010. I'll be checking into this a little more to find out for sure.

I headed back to my room and did schoolwork before settling down and watching TV shows. I finally finished watching Spartacus. What an awesome TV show, now I want the next season to start…and soon!!

Me receiving my coin from the general during the farewell meeting yesterday

Change of command ceremony for the marine general

A volunteer trying to pass a sobriety test with special "drunk" goggles on.
She fell over at one

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