Friday, July 8, 2011

It Takes A Strong Finger - (Korea) Day 221

Another one of those signs that just don't sound right after being translated

Work call this morning was at 0730. We setup for a KUB in our conference room. After the KUB the same set of people continued for an all day meeting. SPC Mick and I were chosen to be the designated slide flippers for the day. SPC Mick took the first shift until lunch and I did SkillPorts on my computer. I left a bit early for lunch and video chatted with my wife for a bit before heading back to the office.

When I got back I made sure everything was ready to go for the second half of the day's meeting. I flipped slides which is a fairly boring process. You can't really have the TV on because you have to listen for the presenter to say "next slide", at this point I had to click the down arrow on the computer. This was my job for the rest of the day. My finger got quite the workout!

The meeting ended a little before 1700 and we cleaned up the conference room and shut everything down. After that we headed down and cleaned up the office. We gathered for our weekend safety briefing. Our sergeant at one point asked SPC Mick what his job was. When SPC Mick replied that he was an "Operations Specialist" our sergeant told him to get down and start doing some push-ups. I guess our sergeant was asking what his MOS was (42A Human Resources). Everyone in the office is a 42A except me. Our sergeant then asked Special K if he had enrolled in school yet, as soon as he started saying an excuse our sergeant told him to get down and "beat your face" (push-ups). I got off easy this time.

We left and I took a nap as soon as I got to my room. I don't know what it is, but I have no energy lately after work. After the nap, I did my schoolwork and then relaxed and watched some TV shows. A pretty laid back Friday night.

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