Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Another Day - (Korea) Day 231

A photo posted by the official photographers from the change of command ceremony
last Thursday. This was the "official party" or as I called them "The VIPs". The general
on the far left is the new incoming commander. (original photo is located
on the USFC Flickr website)

Work call this morning was at 0830. We setup for a meeting in the top secret conference room. Special K finally has a badge and can escort us in from now on to setup instead of us having to wait for one of the officers from our office. The funny thing is that Special K has had a top secret clearance since coming to Korea, but they never gave him access to this conference room for some reason. CPT Hooah! thought that was BS and had that fixed within a few weeks of him finding out which was pretty cool. It makes things much easier for us and for the officers in our office.

After that I checked my promotion point status since it's the beginning of the week:

Military Education (260 Maximum Points)

Correspondence Crs (Hrs 598) (Pts 119)

I'm slowly making my way up there. I know I have more hours than it currently shows, but it takes a while for it to update on my ERB, then it takes another few days to update to the promotion point worksheet. After checking that, I continued to work on more SkillPorts. I didn't have any interruption this morning, no phone calls to make…no secretary work…my NCOIC called in sick today.

I headed off to lunch and video chatted with my wife in my room for a bit. When I got back to the office we cleaned up the top secret room and then setup for another small meeting in our conference room. I then started to work on my army SSDL1 training. I ended up staying a little after 1700, but I was able to finish it all. It says I'll get 80 hours credit for completing the course, so we'll see if it shows up automatically on my ERB or if I have to do something like go to S1 with my certificates. I'll give it a week or so…well I guess until I get back from leave which is coming up soon!!!

I headed back to my room to change and then met up with PFC Pickle at the food court where we ate dinner and hung out for a bit before heading back to our rooms. I did my usual nightly routine….SkillPorts and watching TV shows. I have 134 days left here in Korea and I plan on making the most of them, like my sergeant told me…"you may not have a lot of the free time in your next unit, so take advantage of it while you can here"

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