Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 142 & 143

This weekend was a nice relaxing one. I slept in each day and Sunday was daylight savings time, so I gained an hour of even more sleep. I did some shopping for some basic supplies on Saturday. Pvt. Celtic picked up our Class A uniforms from the dry cleaners as well. They'll be all cleaned and pressed now for graduation.

The internet in our room is pretty horrible. I went to the library to try and get the required Korea training done, but had a heck of time even trying to get it to load on my laptop. I did however get all my journals done from the week at Capstone…lol. I then went to the library again on Sunday, but still had major issues using their computers to do the training. Me and the young Hawaiian were both having the same problem trying to get the training to even load. Finally we both just gave up and took the final test. We both failed, but you can take it again and you only have to take the missed questions. So we both took it until we passed and then printed out our certificates showing we completed it. What a waste of time!

Saturday night had a little excitement. We heard quite a bit of hollering and yelling outside the barracks. we looked out and saw a Porto Rican yelling stuff like he hates America and the army. He's so fed up with all the shit. The MPs came and eventually another guy (perhaps his buddy) was able to talk him into getting in his car and they left. I wonder what will happen to him. I guess the sergeant on desk was trying to hold him still and he was able to break free, that's when he started getting loud.

We had recall formation and it took longer than normal. The sergeant on desk said that everyone had to fill out a stupid survey or else we would be woken up at 2:00 AM to fill it out. Oh great…sometimes this place can be so stupid. I guess the formation was getting a little restless, so the PG in front told everyone to do a half right face then he told everyone to get into the front leaning rest position so he could smoke us. Sorry…I'm not going to let a little phase V private smoke me. I just walked out of the formation and grabbed one of the stupid surveys and quickly filled it out. I then turned it into the sergeant and watched him mark off my name so there was no mistake that I had turned it in.

I then headed up to the showers and took a nice long hot shower. A nice way to end the weekend. Now I'm going to be calling my wife and then turning in.

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