Saturday, November 27, 2010

Graduation Photos (AIT - Fort Gordon)

I’m currently on leave enjoying time with friends and family. I thought I would post some pics from graduation day. I plan on resuming the blog once I am finished with leave and head to Korea.

I was the first one up so they could announce the distinguished honor graduate
and tell all about what it is and how I earned it.

I then had to stay at the center of the stage after receiving my certificate
while more was read about me and the distinguished honor graduate.

Formed up outside getting ready to shake hands with all the brass

Our company commander (the lady) shaking hands with us.

Sergeant Kent (a.k.a. daddy...a.k.a. The Rock) with all of his boys
that lived at RBK at some point.

Me and my lovely wife

Me, the young Hawaiian, and PFC Metal

Last picture with some of the guys from Charlie before I sprinted up and
and changed clothes to get the heck outta here!!!

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