Tuesday, May 21, 2013

HHG Shipment - (Germany) Day 510

One of the movers hard at work packing our household goods

This morning I headed to PT in ACUs. I showed up for accountability only, because I have household goods being packed out and shipped today. During the formation our platoon sergeant was telling everyone the upcoming events and it seems there are quite a few big ones coming up (change of command ceremony, days of excellence, and even change of responsibility ceremony…along with other training events). All I can say is that I'm glad that I start out-processing tomorrow and I don't have to deal with any of that crap.

I headed home after formation and changed into more comfortable civilian clothes. I then started unhooking all of my entertainment system and computer systems in preparation for the movers. The movers came a little before 0800 and immediately started getting down to business. There were about 6 movers all together and they used the divide and conquer method to wrap, box and ship everything we own. Last night we put the necessities we need to keep in a couple key areas and made sure the movers knew not to pack these items. This is stuff like important paperwork I need for clearing, clothes, minimal bedding and such. We purchased some plastic plates and silverware to use as well during this transition period.

The movers were like well oiled machines and surprisingly had everything entirely moved out and in their trucks a bit after 1200 including my motorcycle which went in it's own special crate. I was pretty amazed at how fast they could take everything we own and leave us in an empty place. After they left my wife and I just sat there wondering what to do. We ended up sitting on the floor and watching a little entertainment on the laptop.

It wasn't until a bit after 1500 that our temporary government furniture was delivered. When I first made the appointment, I was worried we would still have the movers packing out our furniture while the government furniture was being delivered…no worries there. The guys brought up the uncomfortable couch, chairs, coffee table, and bed in just a few minutes. All this furniture is very uncomfortable, but it does beat sitting on the floor and it's free…so no complaining. The delivery guys on the other hand smelled pretty bad. So bad in fact that my wife had to open up a few windows and let our place air out for quite a while after they had already left.

We now start our period of living out of suitcases and eating from plastic-ware…this in-between period while I start out-processing and prepare to leave Germany…and go home.

Looking down from our window at all our household goods 
getting crated up and loaded into the truck

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