Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Little More Out-Processing - (Germany) Day 518

A picture we took before the movers came. Just some of the places we visited 
and grabbed a Starbucks mug while we were there. We have a few more that we 
obtained after this picture was taken. Unfortunately Starbucks discontinued the 
"Global Icon Mugs" design shortly after we came back to the U.S.

This morning our PT formation was at Campbell gym. We had our accountability formation, then I took off. There were a few people that had to take a PT test. After my wife got ready for work, I took her in then headed home. I didn't really feel like going in, so I just stayed home until after lunch.

I then headed to the APO (Army Post Office) to have my clearing papers signed. The APO is such a joke. I've mentioned this before and I'm surprised half the stuff even makes it through. In fact I'm pretty sure half the stuff that gets sent to us does not make it. My wife has had numerous clients email her stating that their checks were returned. I had Netflix send me an email stating some DVDs were returned…while still others come through…we haven't changed anything! So it is with great satisfaction that I closed our APO box and just put my wife's parents as our forwarding address. I know the US Postal Service will do a much better job at handling our mail than the APO does. Just one more reason I want to get as far away from the army as possible. We thought about living on post when I get to Ft. Lewis, but not for long. Just thinking about having to live on an army post again started to make me sick, I don't want to deal with anything army any more than I have to.

After the APO visit, I headed to the ComSec office and checked my email. I received my NIPR/SIPR clearing paperwork signed by the NCO in Landstuhl. I added that to my clearing papers and now only need my vehicle registration and the company commander before I final out. I am almost done…but I know there are still going to be some bumps in the road. I have to take my car to get detailed, pick it up, take it to vehicle registration to get shipped and also get the company commander in Landstuhl to sign my clearing paperwork. With less people in the ComSec office it's going to be a challenge to line up transportation to get all of this done. Unfortunately SPC Mac flies out this Sunday…so there is one less person I can truly rely on.

I headed over to my wife's work and just hung out with her for the rest of the day…pretty much the same as yesterday.

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