Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In-Processing - (Germany) Day 2

This morning we both woke up at around 0530 and could not get back to sleep because we ended up going to bed so early last night. We poked around on the internet and just hung out for a while until it was time to start getting ready. We met my sponsor at 0930 and he took my wife and I to do some in processing. We headed to S1 and then our company. He then took us to show where I would be working. I'm finally going to actually be doing some I.T. related stuff! We then headed over to get our IDs input into the system so we can come and go on base without any hassle. After that we headed to housing and were put on a waiting list, but were told it will probably be only about a week.

We then headed to the food court and had a bite to eat before heading back to our room. My sponsor is a pretty nice guy who has been very helpful. The post here is broken up into quite a few different locations. I'm currently in Patrick Henry Village which has quite a few amenities such as the commissary, but consists of mostly housing. There is also Mark Twain Village which is mostly single soldier housing and is where my sponsor lives. We work at Campbell Barracks which is yet another post. There are also a couple others that we stopped at for some miscellaneous items.

It turns out that they will be closing this post in the next couple of years. There are very few people coming in now. It will be interesting being part of this transition when the post closes for good. Once that is done we will be moving to Wiesbaden which is about an hour north of Heidelberg.

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