Monday, June 8, 2015

Army Friendship (Life After The Army)

I seem to write quite a bit about the negatives I've had while in the army and also dealing with the VA. So let me change it up a bit and write a little about some of the positive experiences from the army...

Yesterday I spent the evening with a soldier I met back when I was first stationed in Korea. He was a co-worker of mine and pretty much showed me the ropes. I referred to him as SPC Roy in my journal. Not only were we co-workers, but since he was Korean American he was able to take me out quite a bit and show me a lot of Korea. He now just moved to Tacoma and came to visit me yesterday. We had a good time catching up and talking about everything that’s happened since our time in Korea. Now he’s a civilian and looking for a job, he should be able to get something in the area…the job market is pretty decent right now.

I also have a friend & co-worker I met while stationed in Germany that is driving to my house as I write this. I referred to him as SPC Mac in my journal. We worked in the same shop, did some touring around Europe together with our wives, and also ended up going through the medboard process with me. He’s making the cross country drive from South Carolina to my house in Bremerton. He’s going to stay with me until he gets his feet on the ground and can get an apartment. He has a job lined up at one of the local navy bases and will start shortly after he arrives.

I’m really glad both of these former co-workers and friends of mine are both local now, it will be pretty cool to hang out with them after all this time. I'm also still in touch with "PFC Metal", my battle buddy from basic training and AIT. My wife and I are hoping to make a trip to Seoul and visit them now that they have been stationed there. Of course I am friends with a lot of guys I've served with from basic all the way through Germany on facebook. We keep in touch via comments and messages. The friendships that are built in the military can be pretty special. There is a special bond that develops with people that have to deal with all the crap and idiocy together. These are friendships that will last a lifetime.

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